Video Card Price Watch

I bought my Asus Strix 1070 GTX OC edition for $635 CDN on July 30th, 2016 (I just found my box and bill). So now they’re $1050 CDN on Amazon?! Really?! Ya, I know about this stupid bitcoin crap but really?!

It’s a great card and all … most 4K gaming is awesome but I’d really like to get a 1080ti to support my 4K and VR endeavors. The 1080ti is currently selling for $1500 CDN!!!

Just thought I’d start a price watch thread as I’m not about to drop $1500 + tax ($1700) on a video card right now.


I was thinking about getting in line for a 1080 ti at NVidia and selling my 1080 for a good profit.

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It’s a form of shorting, but I’m honestly tempted to sell my 1070, take the X2 profit and then just skip serious gaming at home for 3 months or so (put in a spare R9 290 for now, which is fine for non VR etc). Of course, the thing that might go wrong is the mining is just here to stay and that this is the new normal now. Dunno.

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…that you get VR withdrawals in a month and end up spending a lot more on a 1080, than you planned…

As long as the miners actually make money, it will stay.
I don’t understand HOW they actually make money, but I understand that if they DO, they will continue.

I think I read somewhere that the new Nvidia 20-series wouldn’t be as good as the 10-series, for mining, and that they now would split their manufacturing into two separate branches.

Good idea about a pricewatch though.

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Most cryptocurrencys are a form of Ponzi scheme/pyramid game. They depend a lot on people buying into it and sticking with. The largest majority is held by a very small minority that influence the markets a lot. So… It makes money for those at the top but there is no inherent value short of being a waste of energy.

Sounds a lot like a normal currency then… :wink:


That is correct, although they don’t stand to benefit from pump and dump schemes, and there’s an actual value behind fiat currencies.

isnt running Ponzi schemes illegal in most countries?

It is indeed, although these people are pretty hard to catch one they’ve ran off with the money.

I get a lot of schadenfreude from stuff like this though:

This development marks at least the fifth time a cryptocurrency firm has pulled a Houdini since the beginning of 2018.

Mine doesn’t seem to be offered any longer as it was a premium pack, but I got it on sale for $749 CAD. The equivalent card (no other stuff included), is now $980 no premium pack (VR adapter thing, which would be useful if it worked, and some other crap like a mouse pad / whatever - I only got that cause they didn’t sell this card without it at the time).

Anyway, not much of a price increase on that card really, and it’s a 1080.

Of course it’s perpetually back ordered.

I wanted to buy a 1070ti in December but thought: “meh 500€ is a bit much. I’ll wait another two or three months”.
Two months later: WHAT??? 640€??? FUUUUUU…

That basically means: no DCSW in the next few months as for some reason 2.5 runs really bad on my gaming laptop (GTX970).


Thanks for the price watches. I’m interested in all vid cards but the 1080ti in particular. Need moar CUDA cores! :slight_smile: (1080: 2560 CUDAs … 1080ti: 3584 CUDAs!)

Next Nvidia in June (maybe) is rumored to have 5112 cores. The price watch for that has sort of started. :slight_smile:

They might even do a ‘mining blocked’ gaming version, to help supply, but it might be around the $700 mark for a 2080?

Summer isn’t that far (he says with 2ft of snow here today).




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You missed the $700 usd part. That’s like $4000 cad




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Same same, I suppose DCS is over for me for a while until I can afford a GPU again!

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Feelin sorry for you guys. no way to squeeze it out? No shadows, lower settings for textures and trees and such?

They are still optimizing the DCS 2.5 beta - it took a bit of a step back compared to 2.2 but it is the main focus of their work now, and I’m still optimistic it’ll perform better soon.

Maybe in time but for now, 1.5 was the best update when it came to performance, which slowly degraded again ever since. Alas, some new hardware seems the best option.