Video Card Price Watch

I was shocked to see that setting everything to low did nothing. Loading times were unbearable (5 minutes and more) and DCSW is too big to make it fit on the small SSD in the laptop. Well…at least it will be too big in the future, right now it would still fit I think.
It runs fairly smooth (if I don’t fly too fast or change direction too much, that seems to matter) in an empty mission with just me in a FC3 plane and the scenery, but I cannot really enjoy it that way.
I hope they optimize it a bit. I want that f/a-18C

For me 2.0 and now 2.5 run far better than 1.5 ever did. I never got that smooth enough to make for an enjoyable VR experience.

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Might just have been my brand of GPU then, a by now old HD7870.

Hey @Navynuke99 (and anyone else this interests!) GTX 1070 ti is down to US $579.00

Edit: and several other models are down to the mid 5’s as well…

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The ASUS Strix 1080ti I’m eyeballin’ up here in Canada is still at about $1,400 but hopefully the Canadian price drops will follow the US.

Also, IMO, if you’re going to go 10 Series, I say go all the way if you’re also interested in 4K and VR. Even at 3200*1800 resolution my 1070 vid card is bottle-necking my 5 year old computer.

EVGA 1070 TI FTW2 for $539.00 Prices getting reasonable again…


1070 Ti is an expensive bottleneck. 1080 Ti or bust. :wink:


Fingers crossed…

Keeping my eye out for a new 1080 ti to help in VR. Seeing the used ones start to pop up on evilbay. No way though. Still in the $700s and I wont buy used unless I know the seller.

Fingers crossed here as well!

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What’s a better deal? A 1070ti for $499 or a 1080 for $559?

defo the 1080

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agree with schurem but what’s the 1080Ti running for? That’s my holy grail right now.

Looks like $950.

Ouch. It has come down though … like $130 in 26d since my last post … let’s keep hoping.

I personally feel kinda uncomfortable spending over $700 (CAD) for any PC component so $1280 is still A LOT high! :slight_smile:

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i can think of more expensive hobbies. But you’re right, its a little crazy spending $950 for a video card. That’s half my house payment.

Love the ASUS Strix brand though. :slight_smile: I say go 1080.

GTX 1080 ti now $770. Let them keep falling.


Nice. That EVGA card is similar in Canada right now on sale for $1000. (ASUS is still at $1250)

Something to watch out for if you’re interested in VR is HDMI port count, of which the EVGA card only has one and three display ports. I prefer a two and two count because I have another HDMI device. I guess I could buy a display port to HDMI converter but meh.

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