Video: Russian Helicopter Accidentally Fires On Spectators

Holy crap


Holy Jesus, that’s a doozy. (just click it and it works)

Cockpit footage of the mishap. It looks like he had the CCIP cue on a distant target. The reticle seems to jump to the bystanders just as he pulls the trigger.


Safety Distance Level: Russian.


Well that’s what you get for trying to show off :persevere:

Never would have happened with a western attack helo…

The assumption that this couldn’t be done by a western aircraft is dangerous and, frankly, wrong.

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That said, I’d love to hear what the intended target was, and what the decision tree was that lead to:

  1. Helicopter not pointed at target
  2. Rockets come out front of helicopter
  3. ???
  4. Fire Rockets

Was comrade kamov under positive control from a range officer? was this a “ye of little faith” moment?

Oh wow.
I saw that in the news and my theory was that he accidentally had his master arm on when flying a fake attack profile to look cool for the “targets”.

This looks… different. And not like a procedure I’d call safe.


Being on the receiving side sure looks scary, hope those guys lived through this clusterf**k.

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Wow! Sue seems inexcusable. :frowning:

Holy. Crap.

Stray thought…I wonder how you do say “Oops, My Bad.” in Russian

Gazyot Debil, Mi Pohui! Blyat!



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