Viggen Red Flag 16-2 Campaign Sample

Thank you very much for your interest in this new Red Flag 16-2 campaign! This time, we are placing you in the role of a US Air Force exchange pilot that is flying an AJS-37 Viggen for the Swedish Air Force.

To give you a taste of this campaign, we are offering you the first three missions as a free sample. Mission 1 covers your arrival at Nellis AFB, and mission 2 is an orientation flight of the NTTR Range area. These, in conjunction with detailed briefings, will familiarize you with the airspace, and prepare you for the missions that follow.

Mission 3 is your first ‘full up’ Red Flag mission, placing you within a full large force exercise (LFE) package. This third mission is representative of the missions that follow in the full campaign.

To fly this campaign sample, please save the following files to C:\Users\Xxxxxx\Saved Games\DCS.openalpha\Missions folder. They will then be available for selection in DCS: World by going to the Missions menu and selecting My Missions.


That’s a nice touch from ED at least folks can see if it will run on their system


Great marketing here. I think more campaigns should do this.


What?!?! They are not in Swedish Psssst! Just have to have something to complain about lol. This looks real good.