Virpil back order on site statement, couple of weeks, but?

Borderline ordering a Virpil collective whole contoller shebang, inc seat mount (pretty sure it will work here)

Site says a few weeks lead time but tried their forums that dont work here just now to ask if this extends to the newly released Collective stuff? So I just dunno.

If its a few weeks lead time would order, but heard this question was asked before on their forums and they never answered.

Please don’t get me wrong, big Virpil fan here, own two of their stick bases, owned a grip too, gave it away to a member here … not knocking Virpil, whats a guy to do? their forums at time of writing dont work.

Forum works now.
AFAIK the 1-2 week back order applies to all products…

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Orders in anyway, this is one major hobby of mine too, couldn’t hold off any longer … really should have kept my day one order going and not cancelled :slight_smile:

Hope the backorder of a couple of weeks is correct, really looking fwd to this now :+1:

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It will probably take a longer than that. I don’t order these things and expect them anywhere near the time I want them :slight_smile:. I think that the 1-2 week label may be a place holder. I don’t expect you will wait months but weeks is likely.


Yeah, it says 1-2 weeks average… Guess that means anything from a couple of days to a month.

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So long as its not years, really looking forward to this now :slight_smile:

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I can confirm it is 1 to 2 weeks. I recently ordered and received a few items from Virpil. From the day of order to the initial shipment notification was 13 days. YMMV.
(“Back in the day”, it was 5 to 6 weeks so it has improved significantly.)


Shipped this morning, arriving late next week hopefully, can really get into the DCS choppers now :+1:

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