Virpil curved stick extension

Glad to see my pre-order has been packed and on its way, earlier than expected as well, yay. When I ordered it was a 90 day window as it was a new product and I put expected delivery just before Christmas.

Good to see I’ll have it sooner, also at that time ordered Virpil fabric stick cover and a Throttle cover for my Warthog that will arrive with the curved extension too.

Now, if Virpil can produce a good military style Helicopter collective unit for 2020 … I’ll be one very happy bunny :slight_smile:


I got my shipment note a few days ago, but it still says “collecting”, so I guess it hasn’t left VPC just yet.

Mine arrived on Friday … very pleased :slight_smile: Had ordered 2 Virpil STICK and HOTAS covers too … all arrived in same order, yay.

Love these curves, cant wait to try this out … been so busy, on and off.

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Looks great!
The Norwegian Postal Service took a detour and my shipment arrived in town a day late, on Saturday, when I can’t collect it :roll_eyes:

Does it have a loose cable, like the other straight extensions, or is it mounted?

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