Virpil curved stick extension

Glad to see my pre-order has been packed and on its way, earlier than expected as well, yay. When I ordered it was a 90 day window as it was a new product and I put expected delivery just before Christmas.

Good to see I’ll have it sooner, also at that time ordered Virpil fabric stick cover and a Throttle cover for my Warthog that will arrive with the curved extension too.

Now, if Virpil can produce a good military style Helicopter collective unit for 2020 … I’ll be one very happy bunny :slight_smile:


I got my shipment note a few days ago, but it still says “collecting”, so I guess it hasn’t left VPC just yet.

Mine arrived on Friday … very pleased :slight_smile: Had ordered 2 Virpil STICK and HOTAS covers too … all arrived in same order, yay.

Love these curves, cant wait to try this out … been so busy, on and off.


Looks great!
The Norwegian Postal Service took a detour and my shipment arrived in town a day late, on Saturday, when I can’t collect it :roll_eyes:

Does it have a loose cable, like the other straight extensions, or is it mounted?

Its mounted my friend, not loose cable like normal extensions are.

All I’ve done so far is plug it in and had a wee wiggle about, it seems to not get loose and that was my biggest worry, hopefully I can give the S stick a good test out in next few days … but already, it feels ergonomically better for my set up.

I think you’ll like it :slight_smile:

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Good news!

Good. That was my fear as well. The curve introduces a twisting moment that could rotate the extension.
This extension is probably not something you want to use on the Thrustmaster Warthog. That gimbal does not like twisting forces…

I think you’re correct! :sunglasses:

Looks very cool, but I’m wondering if your grip will conflict with the top of the MonsterTech Mount.

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Doesn’t the curve help exactly with that?

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Appears to, but looking at the clearance in the photo, I am curious, since I have the same grip/base/mount combo.

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The MT-50 base has a range of +/- 15°. The curve extension moves the grip backwards, but seem to tilt it slightly forward.

You sure you don’t have it mounted backwards?

Its mounted correctly :slight_smile: the idea … I suppose? Of an S shaped stick is to bring the actual grip a bit closer than a normal stick would be, for my situation and old vertical extension, really wanted the grip slightly closer to me … and for my chair and MonstorTech mount, it was just short of perfect, the S curve brings it closer and feels just right for me.

This is the original std MonstorTech desk mount, added a spacer from them for more clamping grip, but at lowest vertical position and as seen in this pic with me putting the stick to full nose down/pitch down position … there is ample clearance.

It’s fine … it works :slight_smile:


Should mention, an S shaped curve extension like this is really meant for a central position, not a side stick situation as in an F-16

Absolutely perfect!

It moves the stick grip about 4cm backward and tilts it 10° forward. And, in comparison to the extension I had used until now, it lifted it 2,5cm.

Now the grip is exactly where I want it, and I can still pull back without interfering with the ejection handle.


Question guys, since the cord and connector are not loose, as in the other extensions, is it possible to rotate the grip counter-clockwise? More specifically, with the TM grips. Thanks.


Yes. You just unscrew the two screws holding the din5 connector in the extension. Same as you would if you want to use a TM stick on a VPC MT-50 or WarBRD base.

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Of course Troll. Had forgotten that simple method. Thanks for the reply.

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With the grip being tilted forward, is there actually any offset at all at the top combared to the straight extension? From the pictures it seems to me as the distance to hold the grip is basically the same. Is the benefit that is sought the tilt of the grip?

I was very interested in this extension, but it seems this wouldn’t work for me. It seems for the same hand position, the s-extensions would be even more obstructed by my seat when pulling than the regular extension. In effect I would have to slide back the seat more and be even further away from the stick as before. Or would mounting the extension the other way around (with the S going forward) actually help more?

There is!
The grip is moved approx. 4cm backwards. The forward tilt of the grip makes it more ergonomical when pulling the stick backwards. But the tilt is just 10° so it doesn’t move the grip that much.

I tried to take pictures of the 10+7,5 cm extensions and the 20cm curved extension.
So, the grip connector, and lower part of the grip is further back, but the forward tilt makes the top of the grip to almost remain in place.
I guess you can say that the curved extension rotates the grip in a more comfortable position, without moving it too far away from the pilot…if that makes any sense :slight_smile:

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