VIRPIL makes excellent and needed changes to webstore

A excellent and big step in the right direction for customer service . It also is a subtle but definite indicator of the growth and well being of the Flight Sim resurgence we are experiencing .

Listening to you customers, and taking action on their legitimate concerns and issues also demonstrates a business that is learning and maturing . As the Flight Sim community continues to grow in numbers not seen in decades, it is this type of action by the support industries that will go a long way towards sustaining that growth for some time to come.

Nice job guys ! Bravo for showing your willingness to listen to your customers .


Wow, maybe now I’ll actually be able to give them money. I want that throttle.


Well, that didn’t work out all that well I guess?
Tried to add the T-50CM2 to my cart, and the page just froze. After a whike the site went down for maintenance, now it’s back up again aand the CM2 is out of stock, argh!

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Apparently its not working
One of v-Sqn lads tried ordering but it was sold out from under him
“I was just about to order a cm2 stick but it went out of stock between me putting in my details and paying for it”
apparently they had to take the store down and disable the reserve item placed in cart function, as it wasn’t working…

Hey, looks like they fixed it, at least for now.
I was able to order a CM2 stick and a curved extension this morning! Happy days, though my wallet seems to disagree.

And @gadget as of now, the CM2 stick still shows in stock.


good news.
thanks for the update @dachsdk


That’s some serious smart in that communication.


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Face Plant! Just… Face Plant. I have tried and tried. Guess its not time yet

@Maico The stick is still in stock, as far as I can see?

Everything is out of stock :sob:

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Ok… except that!

I thought that’s the one you wanted?

Its the one you should be wanting… :stuck_out_tongue: