VirPil MongoosT50 CM2 grip

FedEx dropped off my CM2 grip today…

So far I like it a lot. The extra length makes it feel like there is greater movement than I had with the Warthog stick. The extra buttons add a lot of functionality and the brake lever is fantastic for the Spitfire. The Warthog stick is a lot more weighty and feels better in the hand IMHO, but the VirPil grip still feels like a high quality product. Now I am going to have to figure out what I am going to do with the flip down trigger …


How do you like that brake handle?

That is quite the set-up! Love those MFDs and how the rudder pedals are integrated into everything. How is your throttle set-up?

You know what I would have done? Left it in the box and just stared at it for a week or two.



I like it a lot! … So far I have only flown the DCS Spitfire, and it is a lot more manageable on the ground with this setup.

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Thanks, I think I am pretty much set for my military setup. I’m still wanting the Honeycomb Yoke and Throttle for civilian flying (for those aircraft that don’t use a stick). I have pretty much color coordinated all my controllers and mounting hardware, so it all looks quite sharp. For Throttle, I am still using my trusty Warthog throttle…


Yes you would, and it would have driven us all crazy. :crazy_face:


Interested in learning how you set up your cougar MFDs like that. :slightly_smiling_face:

I wish I could tell you I did something ingenious, but in reality I just threw some money at it.


My work day just got blown all to hell. CM2 base for my TM Hornet stick.


You are going to love it if you are coming from the stock Warthog stick base.

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Question, do you have to use an extension with a cable? I don’t think that my TM signal connector is plugging in at the base. There is some play when the collar is tightened and none of the button presses work. Windows is recognizing pitch and roll.

Not that I remember. I unfastened the connector on the WarBRD base to allow the grip to be slightly offset in rotation, but it worked just fine. Did you run the WarBRD driver software?

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That was it. Running the Virpil Setup Software allowed me to update the firmware and save a profile to the device so that Windows sees all of the buttons. Seems to be working fine now. Thanks Paul.

Awesome! Glad you got it working. Remember to remove those screws so that the grip can be offset. It makes a huge difference when you are flying with a centrally mounted stick.

The screws in the base holding the connector? Thanks.

Hornet on a Virpil.


FYI, reply from Virpil on ED forum…

TM Cougar Grip
TM Warthog Grip
TM Hornet Grip

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