Virtual Armed Forces Recruiting

Are you interested in learning to fly, fight and maximize your abilities in Modern DCS Jets?
Would you like to fly fun and challenging cooperative missions as part of a team?
Do you have a willingness to learn?
If your answers are “Yes,” then give the the Virtual Armed Forces a go!

The Virtual Armed Forces (VAF) is looking to expand its ranks with enthusiastic and motivated virtual pilots and RIOs who enjoy cooperative missions.

The VAF has four squadrons primarily supporting four airframes:

 75th Fighter Squadron "Tigersharks" flying the A-10C Warthog
 111th Fighter Squadron "Ace in the Hole" flying the F-16C Viper
 VFA-136 "Knighthawks" flying the F/A-18C Hornet
 VF-142 "Ghostriders" flying the F-14A/B Tomcat

We have openings available for all of our squadrons. We don’t expect Chuck Yeager; we’re happy with Charlie Brown. We prefer good attitudes to good sticks, because with good attitude skills can be learned. We ask only that you bring a good attitude, a willingness use tactics and cooperate as a team, and the dedication to undertake our training syllabus. In return, we will provide our own individual attention to develop your skills. Additionally, we foster a fun, friendly, and supportive environment with no formal rank structure or command hierarchy. Our membership includes a number of civil and former military aviators, but we’re all here to have fun! The VAF also boasts custom individual skins created by one of the more prolific skinners in the DCS community.

Our comprehensive training program teaches you basic airmanship and 2-ship formation tactics. We focus on realistic training in our Student Undergraduate Pilot Training (SUPT) program. SUPT starts out with VFR flying, landing and take-off patterns, close formation flying and then moves on to IFR, Refueling and Weapons Training. Progression is at the student’s pace and flight status is based on the ability to fly safe and to adhere to some basic operational standards. We recruit in small groups to ensure that individual training needs are met and that new members have an opportunity to get to know the group.

Of particular note, we are in the process of standing up the VF-142 Ghostriders. If you have ever wanted to learn the RIO position, or fly with a competent human RIO, VF-142 is for you! The RIO curriculum is being developed by a former US Naval Flight Officer, and includes A/A, A/G, and principles of situational awareness. Prosepective RIOs can be confident that they are receiving excellent training, and pilots can be confident that the RIOs in VF-142 will transform their F-14 experience for the better! Finally, we wish to cross-train all F-14 aircrews on the pilot and RIO stations to the extent possible to maximize tactical flexibility.

Please read the VAF rules and regulations (Rules), then apply by sending a PM to me, or if you’re interested in becoming a RIO you can message HomeFries directly.


Hi everybody,

As you may have guessed, I’m taking point on standing up VF-142 as part of the VAF. I’m also the former NFO who is developing the RIO curriculum.

We’re not just looking for RIOs; we’re looking for pilots as well. Better yet, we’re looking for people who want to become proficient in both seats of the F-14. I’d like to have a virtual squadron where people can fly either station depending on the needs of the mission or personal preference that evening. Being able to do both makes you both a better pilot and RIO. That said, nobody will hold a gun to your head if you only want to learn one station.

Bottom line: if you like the Tomcat, please drop me a line. If you like the other aircraft we fly, please still drop us a line.


A few other things of importance to note here. Our squadrons are based on some of the most notable and historic squadrons. Our naval group is based on the 1991 USS Dwight D. Eisenhower group, the CVW-7 and the squadrons that were on that cruise, the VFA-136 Knighthawks, VFA-131 Wildcats and the VF-142 Ghostriders. Our 75th Tigersharks, part of the 23rd Fighter Wing were originally part of the P-40 based Flying Tigers in WWII, and the 111th Texas Air National Guard goes all the way back to WWI. One of the most important aspects of our group is that we focus on the doctrine of “mutual support” like they do in Red Flag operations. So if you want to learn how to do large group tactics, then we’re the group for you!

Sounds great and I would love to be part of an active squadron. Time constraints preclude any involvement at this present time by me. I wish you and @HomeFries all the best in your recruitment. Also any videos of your missions would be welcome to watch

Thanks, @Cib.

We’re currently working on some promo videos, and I think posting stuff is a great idea. The other night, I had a supersonic guns kill in the Tomcat from which I uploaded the TacView.

Boomer (my wingman) and I were winchester and I was bingo, and we were headed to friendly airspace being chased by two MiGs. I got to the friendly AD umbrella first, and then realized he was being overtaken. So with 2200 lbs of gas and some gun rounds, I turned around to cover his retreat. The MiG-29 stayed on my wingman and I got him with a supersonic guns pass. We were both supersonic, so the closure rate was over 1300kts!


Our latest shenanigans…

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If you like the Tomcat and want to get in on the ground floor of something special, we’re in the process of standing up the VF-142 Ghostriders.

We’re looking to pair pilots with human RIOs, and we’re encouraging cross-training on both stations for all who are interested. This will allow people to switch between stations at will, or even field more F-14s for events where more aircraft are required.

Regardless of whether you fly as pilot, RIO, or both, you can be sure that you are receiving excellent training. Pilots will have competent human RIOs, and the melding of two people into a cohesive aircrew is a glorious achievement that provides intense satisfaction and elevates your experience to the pinnacle of what DCS has to offer.

Finally, this is the Tomcat! It’s all about fun! Whether it’s wiping out a gorilla group of MiGs with multiple AIM-54s, requesting a flyby of the tower (and you know what “Negative, Ghostrider, the pattern is full” means), going into your break at 400kts (because Tomcat! ), or just flying a challenging aircraft with such precision that makes it look easy to everybody else, the Tomcat aircrews know how to have a good time!*

(*) Oiled volleyball sold separately.