Voice Assistants

Anyone use any of the various “voice assistants” of late?

Good old “living in the past” Linebacker just found out about the “Google Home Mini” today and thought it was really cool … especially at the $40 CDN price point! They’re currently on sale for 50% off. I just ordered two directly from Google as they’re completely sold out in all the stores around here.

I really like all Google products and I’ve been using a Google Nexus tablet and phone and Chromecast for years now so I thought, why not?!

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We’ve got a couple of things. My impressions:

The Google voice recognition is probably the best of the bunch.

The Amazon Alexa number of ‘skills’ (what they call recognizer’s that does stuff) is the most extensive and wide ranging, but the Echo isn’t properly in Canada as yet (à cause du manque de français). The Echo Dots are nice, as well as inexpensive. IFTTT integration is good for hacking around.

Apple Siri has the nicest voice output (in iOS 11 at least) and a lot of apps integrated nicely, but the ‘Apple Home’ has been pushed back till next year now. It’ll be expensive but nice quality, as per applish ways.

Our phones have the ‘ok google’ and ‘hey siri’ already for the random ‘What is the capital of Mongolia?’ type of things, and the home automation is through the phone apps ‘Siri, turn up the lights in the family room’ etc. There is also a decent amount of family resistance, in that no-one like talking aloud to the things. I could see us using them more for music if the speakers were a bit better.

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Ya, the “ok google” phone thing is great and all but I really like the idea of an “always on” stationary voice only assistant/AI. I heard the “AI” voice sound quality out of these little devices is pretty good but it would be AWESOME if it had Bluetooth connectivity as I have a couple of Bluetooth receivers hooked up to audio receivers (amps) for blasting music.

I have a feeling my wife and I will love them as my wife has no trouble asking me “what time is it” before she even opens her eyes in the morning and “what’s the weather going to be like today” sort of thing … not to mention dialing stuff up on Netflix and whatnot. The guy I was talking with today said “You can tell it to schedule an appointment on this day and time and to also remind you two hours beforehand” sort of thing(?). It’s gunna be fun to try out anyway. Amazing what you can get for $40 these days. :slight_smile:

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It’s a great price - ordered a couple of nice xmas gifts. :slight_smile:

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Could’ve spent that money on vr just sayin

I don’t like the privacy issues with those things so I have none, but I admit they are cool from a technical point of view.

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