VR + green screen = freakishly good

we flight simmers gonna need this stuff to see our tools of the trade


Holy snappin duck poo Batman !!!

I think I just had a nerdgasm !!! :heart_eyes:

According to the Article, this is not realtime,

The Driver Recorded both the Rift Preview Window, and RealWorld w/ Greenscreen w/ Helmet Mounted Cam,

Then Edited them together post production using normal green screen filter.

To show users a visual representation of what it’s like to be in VR.

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I still hope we’ll someday get the capabilty.

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While that certainly looks pretty awesome, I got motion sickness just watching and in short order. :dizzy_face:

the next step? I hope this is not again some fake stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Something called leapmotion renders your hand in the sim allowing you to click stuff.