VR Old Man Tip of the day. Anti Fog

Not sure if I got this tip here or if I just began doing it… I keep my computer room pretty frosty. Lower temps make happier hardware, yada, yada… Every time I reach for the oculus it fogs up. This is really bad if I have my inserts in it. Then I get double fog and cant see squat. The answer?
I put the Oculus inside my t-shirt and go read some Mudspike Forums for a few minutes. The body temp makes the Oculus match my temp. When I pop it on to my face… NO FOG!
Just don’t let your girlfriend see you. My girl had a laughing fit. Don’t blame her, I look like a Kangaroo. But it works like a charm…


See you??! I make my wife walk around with my VR headset on in the morning while she does laundry and cleans dishes so that it is nice and toasty when I put it on.

  • No…no I don’t…and if she reads this, I’m on the front steps with my HMD and a suitcase…

Hahahaha, and I was about to say, Shes a Keeper! Nope, shes just normal.


I hope that did not sound bad. I meant Zero offence. I mean Same as my girl. When I say, “You Got to see this in VR” she says, “That thing makes me sick”. I stoped asking her to wear it.

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Heh, when I rant at my wife about how great this new radar modelling on the hornet os because of the realistic gimbal limits and… her eyes glaze over like those of almost every person on this planet. She’ll pretend to listen until I’ve said it all and then proceed to tell in excruciating detail the intricacies of the statistical programming she’s been doing all week.

I love that chick :kissing: :


Zero offense taken…we love some back and forth…

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So my beautiful bride and I are in the car running some errands the other day. I had just wrapped up my daily Mudspike forum perusing before we left the house.

As we head off I start to reiterate some of the more humorous posts. To be fully forthcoming, this is something I have evidently begun doing on car trips lately.

There is a pause in my recital, as I chuckle, recalling one of the wittier items.

My wife takes this opportunity, to ask, in a rhetorical manner, “I wonder what I did in another life to deserve this?”


But then, if DCS is having a sale, and I’m trying to decide between two planes, she always tells me to buy both…I think I’ll keep her. :heart_eyes:


A Keeper, Fo Sho!

ProTIP: have sex with oculus (or wmr helmet) on , then its warm and wife happy = you can go to play :crazy_face:

My wife asked about 3d porn. She was worried I would turn into a deviant :rofl:
My way of warming my rift is to sit it on top of the tower for a while as I get set up. Trouble with the new house is sometimes it gets so warm the sweat runs down the inside of the rift and constantly steams up :grinning::tired_face:

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You know… I have heard all the stories about internet porn ruining relationships…it has trashed my keyboard a few times but never ruined a relationship. :wink:

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