VR Simulators in Glasgow and Leeds UK

Thought I’d give these guys a shout, in Glasgow often and more often now with lockdown rules relaxing a bit, mainly there for rock shows, but its fair travel from up north from where i live, so next time at a show with friends in Glasgow have thought of side attractions, its usually me Muggins left to organise it all, overnight hotels too LOL, we’ve taken in Casino’s before, not really my thing, but noticed this for our next jaunt down for a music show.

Its basically a big motion seat car racing hall, it was closed over Covid lockdown period but seems to have bounced back again, best of PC hardware, RTX 3080 PC’s all round now it seems and VR headseats, would be quite the fun experience I think, seriously considering this for our next overnight rock show visit for pre show entertainment.

Have a look, check the video’s … i think this could be a blast.

Glasgow and Leeds UK


This vid is from 2018, its improved a lot since then.

Looks like a lot of fun!
We actually got a VR entertainment centre in town… I think it’s a sort of laser tag game, but in VR. It also had to put everything on hold during the pandemic, but I think it’s up and running again. Must visit it one day.

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