Wags DCS: World A-10C Vive VR test


Wags VIVE VR test video on the DCS: W A-10C
Some details of the video:

  • Wags use DCS: World 2.5 unified version
  • Caucasus theather, F-5E and F/A-18C module icons on the main page.
  • New Caucasus theater show on the editor (7:25)
  • Wags use vive mouse cursor to interact with controls on the A-10C.
  • Surprises coming to the caucasus theater (Wags dont tell nothing more). (24:00)
  • Planned updates to NTTR (Tonopah AFB, North las vegas airport (KVGT), Henderson airport (KHND), some strips on NTTR, some airports to south las vegas. Wags talk about get some airporte from Tonopah to Laughlin (I think he tell about KIFP (Laughlin Bullhead international airport).
  • He talk about add all Fallon training range, but not the Fallon AFB (not sure if can update them to a next update or the F/A-18C module), and add NTC (National Training Center) southeast of las Vegas, very interesting to CA and if ED start to develop DCS: W lever tanks and IFVs.



Cool stuff.

One thing I would like is the option to only use the Rift once you click on Fly. Mission briefing, changing options from the main menu screen etc, would be so much better if we could just use a flat screen monitor for that part, then jump into the Rift once the player is ready to enter the cockpit.

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Nice video!

It could do with a youtube zoom in though, as the VR preview has a lot of black border and the 720p looks a bit small for me. Great to see the progress on the pointer and pixel density settings.

Also, is this on the Vive? I thought it might be on the Rift? @wagmatt

This is one of the issues of trying to demonstrate VR outside of a VR set: it’s bloody well difficult. When run in VR, DCS has a single 640x711 window running on the desktop which is a preview of what one of the “eyes” in the VR HMD is seeing. The actual screen is not all that big, and if you zoom it in, you’re going thinking we’ve stumbled back in time to 2004 with all the jagged edges and lack of AA.

In VR you don’t notice it as much because it’s expanded and warped in such a way that it occupies your entire vision.