@Wags - how did you do this?

Since FearlessFrog gave noobs like me the go-ahead to start new threads, I thought I would. j/k

So I’m just gobsmacked with the DCS F-18 and PG map. It’s what I’ve been waiting for, and although incomplete, I’m having a blast with it! The F-18 model, feeling of flight, the carrier launches/traps, terrain and lighting, just incredible.
Great job everyone!

I’m a SW dev involved with IoT. My work involves going from a phone app to doing something in your house. Nobody cares unless it doesn’t work, but there’s a heck of a lot going on in between. And when someone actually does asks how it works, I love to tell them. In great detail. A blank face usually follows.

I’m guessing the DCS/ED devs would love to tell the story of their hard work to someone who cared.

MUDSPIKE seems to care. I do.

If it didn’t distract anyone from current tasks (too much) would be very cool to hear how they put this sim together.

For instance, the following screenshot just blows me away with the incredibly detailed cities.

How’d they do that?

I’m just a curious person by nature, and very into this combat simulation you making.


It’s an amazing map, and considering where we were just a few years ago, a real leap in terms of fidelity and accuracy. If we could see back from when we all started flight simming to what it looks like today it would seem like sci-fi. :alien:

As for a ‘Developer Diary’ series from Eagle Dynamics, that would be fantastic. I would think that the language barrier of some of the devs, the lack of spare time and even some propriety info would get in the way though. It would still be fantastic to see. The nearest we’ve had has been some Heatblur info and interviews here:

Hopefully we can do more of those in the future.

As for how they did the Persian Gulf map, I too wonder how much of it is aerial photo tiles bought from various commercial sources, mixed with some open street map data that can be used, plus some art involvement. The DCS map toolset isn’t public as yet. For civil aviation sims you can see what is possible with that sort of free data at places like http://simheaven.com/


GORGEOUS - Its really where sims should be@2018!

I really enjoyed this video ~

Personally I have taken a rest from sims for now mainly because I need to build a new rig but waiting for DCS to come out of all the BETA mode stuff then will dive in hoping allot more is on offer as well. But it also seems its all coming a bit to late most of the old crowd gone looking at the log-in numbers, hoping it takes off again soon with vigor and open age crowd.