Watch Dogs 2 Trailer

The first version was not a great game, in that the sandbox had lots of toys in it but some of them weren’t actually lincoln logs. It got patched but relied too much on the hacking mechanic again and again and felt empty despite the decent tech. I felt it was a bit of a missed opportunity after the amazing early trailers. So here’s an amazing trailer for version 2! :slight_smile:

I think this is a biography about @fearlessfrog - I mean…Master Hacker and all. Definitely.

Yeah, my life accurately portrayed lol

Holy Cow - that should be called Mayhem Simulator or something…! :astonished:

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Dunno, maybe I’m a lucky one. But I played it through @100% and REALLY enjoyed it.
To be honest I got it nearly a year after the initial release- but I still didn’t find any bug. Any.
Maybe I had a single CTD, but that’s just it.

Loved it. Except the MP part. That left me absolutely cold. Bad Net-code caused a lot of rubber-banding and positional errors.
But the SP?
Man it really clicked to me.
It may have something to do that I’m a very emotional person, as father, and the story played the right strings-

I never finished it. Not sure I made it halfway. It was ok,. It nothing fantastic. I got it for free with the GPU I bought so not really miffed buy i wasn’t that impressed either.

I got through it. With great effort. That’s all I’m going to say about that

It did get a lot of patch work, so I think I was probably just discouraged a bit around release day and didn’t go back and finish. It sounds like it is worth a second look now though.

Considering it is 70% off and they also do a ‘complete version’ on sale too - for others it might be worth a look now:

I agree. Plus, maybe, I really approached the game without expectation.
Usually that’s works best for me. Both in movies and games! :slight_smile:

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