Weekend get together 24/29 Aug 23

I am taking a long weekend in Germany between Nuremburg and Munich, camping at a small airfield. They are running a Tigermeet over the weekend. The Messerschmitt museum (everything flies) is close, as is Oberschleisheim the major national aircraft museum. I have booked a car and will go to both museums, maybe on the Mon and Fri. Some DCS folk will be at the Tigermeet. All are welcome. Links to follow.

Camping on the airfield.

Flugschule SchweigAIR · Am Flugpl. 1, 92436 Bruck in der Oberpfalz,…

great! I was actually about to ask here if there is any ‘get together’ planned. would be great to meat each other in person.

thing is that I am returning from summer holiday at 26 Aug. but will think about it, how to manage it all to make it :slight_smile:

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Sorry, what is it?

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It is an event for squadrons that have a Tiger as part of its Squadron crest.

The planes and helos often sport Tiger themed paintjobs.

Do a google picture search for Tigermeet

Hopes this helps.

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The weekend will be at the airfield. Monday I plan to travel 40k’s south to Weissenberg to visit the Roman ‘limes’ sites