Well Done! A "pat on your back" thread!

Finished article.




So with panel work like that are you going to build a full cockpit sim :grinning:


My client loves their rabbits. So I gave them a little extra :smiley:


That’s awesome! Did they notice yet? How long did it take you to cut that out?

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That is so cool that you took the time to do that. You are an artist with your work.

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Yeah they saw it and loved it. Took about an hour I think. Little more to get it to fit just right.

I have a sign on the back of my van “Warning, children playing”. If things go well, I’m not working,I’m playing. Doodling and goofing off. Just fiddling with stuff to make it nice. And some days I’m raking. Raking. Raking.


I love your attitude… you are exactly the type of people that I try to surround myself with IRL :slight_smile:


That looks lovely. What a nice and personal touch!


So today marks a week since I had a cigarette!
And I’m feeling pretty good with myself!


Congrats, I know what an achievement that is.

A habit I picked up in the army… I was able to kick it after a couple of years because my fitness was really suffering and that was my motivation.

And that’s the key IMHO, a goal or something to work towards that smoking was holding you back from to help keep you motivated.

First couple of weeks were OK for me and then all I could think about for the next ‘quite a while’ was having a cigarette… On the plus side, your sense of smell should be coming back about now and food will taste so much better :slight_smile:


Fantastic as a X Smoker myself….I know it’s a HUGE Accomplishment!!!


I quit smoking two three times.

First time, I was rolling up a joint and my buddy told me to leave out the green, just smoke some plain tobacco for a change. That wasn’t really quitting, but it did mark a landslide change in my smoking habits :wink:

Second time, I worked in an office, fixing printers and things. I decided I was done with the cost and smell and coughing so I tried quitting. After a week or so, the general manager called me into his office. Offered me two things on his desk; a resignation letter and a pack of smokes. Told me to choose one. Quitting smoking made me too much of a dismotivated misanthrope.

Third time, I sat with some buddies at a campfire. We were having a good time, and I was rolling one up from the dregs of a bag of tobacco. Wind and dregs made it double plus hard. Someone asked me, who was cursing up a storm and obviously frustrated, why the heck I’d go to such length to devastate my lungs, why not throw that crap away and be healthy? So I did.

A week or so later, my then future wife told me she would not date me anymore if I took up smoking again. That was a powerful motivator to stay the course. Those first months of falling in love flowed together with the regaining of a sense of taste and smell, of regaining lung capacity and general health and I never touched tobacco again.

Quitting nicotine is fook’n hard.


Yes it is…

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Might I suggest hard, vigorous exercise of various kinds and copious meals to ease the withdrawal and keep the motivation up (taste buds and lungs that work)


I have heard that giving up nicotine is harder than giving up heroin… not that I’ve ever been a smack addict, but I can believe it!

You are in for a bit of a rough ride but stick with it, it is worth it in the end.


Yeah, trying to fill this extra time I have now before my head plays games. Been exercising. A lot. Taking long walks to clear my head. And eating a bunch. It’s actually going pretty easy, until it gets really freaking hard… I’ll get thru it (my third time too).

Thinking about all the money I’ll save so I can blow on another vice :slight_smile:


Find another expensive hobby quickly and channel that extra cash into it! Congratulations.

One tip, don’t count the weeks and the days. Just stop measuring it and time will pass much quicker. Seriously it helps a great deal to just forget it all and not be a smoker anymore.

Taste comes back soon, then all the feeling in your fingers and toes you didn’t know you had lost.

I wear shorts pretty much year round since quitting. Its like my blood works again and keeps me warm.

Congratulations dude. Seriously, well done! You saved your own life and saved yourself years of pain.


It’s small and probably not much of an achievement for anyone who holds a soldering iron these days, but I resoldered a USB-C socket to a circuit board in my son’s PC mic today.

Feels good to fix something, instead of having to spend lots of money on a new one!

Not the neatest job (I bridged the earth and the line next to it on the left and had to clean it up), and I’ve probably erred on the side of “too little solder” for most of it, but it works again!


Well done! That looks very good to me. Soldering is something I have tried to do from time to time with varying success. That looks like a rather delicate soldering job.


Doing SMD with a soldering iron is anything but easy. Usually those are soldered with hot air, which is easier, but still finicky.