Well..there goes a half a million dollars

I think some rigger is gonna be peeling potatoes. Unless the C-130s were flying to fast or something… (BY the way…NSFW for language in that video!)



…that’s what I wanted to post. but…
WHAAAT? MUDSPIKE!! What is your problem with my body? How do you know? Is my webcam on???!!!
“Body is invalid; try to be a little more descriptive”

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We are of Hive Mind…LOL

It seems interesting. I mean, failures are going to happen…here and there. Three in one drop seems indicative that something is going on. I like how you hear the phone ring after the first one (or radio). Probably just coincidence…but still funny…

I get that all the time. sigh

I had the pleasure of working at Edwards AFB for few years and I remember one summer where they were doing drop after drop of equipment on the salt lake. A group of us ended up pausing work for a moment to watch the planes come in and the objects pop out the back, their chutes filling up, and then swaying their way down to the desert floor.

One item – seemed awfully big from our vantage point – never deployed a full chute. A little streamer waved in the wind behind it as it plummeted thousands of feet into the desert below - I suspect this was the drogue chute that pulls the object out of the back of the plane.

The stream of air drops stopped after that incident - whether that was as planned or because the straight-drop was an accident I’ll never know, but it sure was neat to see.