We're racist and arrogant twits!

Michael Pachter: PC gamers are like racists where they only like their own kind and they have no interest in venturing out and mixing with other races. PC Gamers are arrogant twits who are convinced at what they do is better than anyone else could possibly do.”



I’m not a racist!
A few of my friends are consoles!
Sometimes I use them when I am in the mood for bad games or when I have to show them to someone to proof I am not racist.

…OK, I guess that makes me an elitist jerk and a PC racist. :smile:


I have a Steam Link…


Same here. That thing rules.

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Does thinking that there is only one true plane (f-111) make me a racst???

I hate consoles



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I will NEVER fly an aircraft whose name begins with MiG or Su. Does that make me a racist :question:


Oh, Mikey Pachter. Mikey, Mikey, Mikey Pachter.

I don’t want to be negative in such a wonderful community, so I’ll just make a list of things Pachter has said, being the genius analyst he is.

1.) In 2005, he said Netflix was a joke and would go no where. On a side note, I had no idea that Netflix was founded in '97. Color me surprised!

2.) That, at some point, advert providers would be able to surpass AdBlock and similar programs and force you to watch ads.

3.) He has this idea that game developers make $100k+ a year.

4.) In his mind, the last 6 months of development should be “crunch time.”

5.) Finally, he said that there isn’t anyway for Nintendo to recover after the cold reception of the Wii U. You know, Nintendo. The guys that have Pokemon and near monopoly on the handheld market since time immemorial.

Pachter is a very, very, very special boy!


Oh yes he is.

He might have a point there with Nintendo, but yeah, overall the guy is a bit over-eager with his predictions.

When I want to fly I fly in my room. I close the door and off I go into the great blue yonder. But sometimes my roommate says “Lets have a drink” Then we fire up the Play Station on split screen and take great pleasure in murdering and insulting each other. Its a fun and social way to spend the night.
I like to see the war from both sides. If I build a mission I usually fly both sides just to see if the mission is balanced.
My only Prejudice I guess would be fantasy games. Not really into that. I could however see me trying out Assassins Creed in a pinch. It looks interesting.
Flight is my thing for sure. However I think its important to keep an open mind. I thought I never would try a space game but decided to try Lunar Lander and loved it.
You should never think that someone else’s interest is a waste of time.

Not in the least. Nintendo’s accounting offices have been doing their job correctly for decades, now. The company can afford several more receptions like the Wii U and that’s not even counting the income they get from their handhelds.