Wes' Screenshot Thread

Hi Everybody!

While I did sign-up here back in 2016, it was just before having to take an extended hiatus from flight simulation. In the last couple of months, I have been back in business and figured it was about time I introduced myself the community in what I think is the best way - a series of DCS screenshots!

Some of you may remember me flying in Eno’s Firehouse or Wrecking Crew’s Hollo Pointe servers and the SimHQ teamspeak. You can now find me still in Hollo Pointe, taking off at MTOW into the AO, ready to go!

Without further rambling - here are the screenshots, from oldest - to newest:

I began in DCS playing single player in DCS: A-10C which I purchased on steam, after seeing it in an ad online.

Not long after, I took to the online - similar to my path in FSX years prior (I began in FSX circa 2006).
I ended up meeting Eno and WreckingCrew, whose servers became my online home.

The early missions didn’t always go well, but I did alright at making it home - sometimes missing some large pieces of my aircraft.

I didn’t learn to tame my highly ambitious methods for a while, either.

At first - I didn’t have a joystick, I flew airliners in FSX - so I had the full Yoke setup from Saitek, but never a joystick. A yoke wouldn’t do for DCS, so I did what I did for FSX’s F/A-18 and brought in…

An xbox controller - this was my control setup in the early days. Nobody knew I was flying this way, until I live streamed it one day!

My methods in DCS became, and still are - unconventional. This AGM-65D moving a casual 369 knots, did hit this unfortunate SU-25T.

I learned to fly the F-15C with a friend to get back into dogfights, which I had only done before in CFS3!

Turning some attention to the mission editor, we tried one of my first training exercises - attacking a formation of helicopters on the fringe of a large SAM battery.

MI-24’s do not appreciate being charged at with a cannon - and like to fire back!

When the F-86 came out, I bought it as soon as I could and immediately made a mission to see what would win in a furball of AI - Mig15’s or Sabres?

Participating in the action - didn’t go great, however.

I’ve celebrated victory through combined arms…

And gotten carried away.

To me, making it home is what really counts.

I don’t fly Russian aircraft, for good reason.

In the 'Hog back with SimHQ, I was known to “bring the kitchen sink” with me. Now, I am learning that habit in the hornet.

The multi-role capability of the Hornet makes it one of my favourite airframes.

The harrier’s vertical capability is too cool to not take a crack at, so I made a scenario in the Hormuz map to try it out!

You can’t fly the harrier and NOT have an accident.

WreckingCrew’s Erl Sis mission has to be one of my favourites.

I love DCS’s lighting since the changes that came after V1.5.

Kitchen Sink delivery, now available via Harrier!

A new day dawns in Erl Sis.

Always happy to use the TGP in the A10-C, feel free to ask for a buddy-lase or a network SPI share!

I don’t want to brag, but what weapons I take on mission, do have a tendency to hit their targets!

I am a big fan of the WMCD’s and other GPS or Laser Guided bombs.

I’m not afraid of CCIP either - sometimes, it’s the best and only way!

Working together is part a big part of the fun, hope to see some of you in the virtual skies!

Thanks for reading!
I’ll continue this thread with further screenshots as times goes on, and more sorties are flown.



Great shots wes! Please post more I really enjoyed them.
Ive often wondered about using an x box controller in dcs! Maybe I’ll just carry on using it as extra buttons rather than letting my hotas gather dust!
Looking forward to your next installment.

Welcome back @Wes - great shots! :mudspike:

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Amazing shots progression!
Hope to eventually catch up with You all guys on DCS again. :slight_smile: :+1:

Welcome back to the madness…! Nice shots!

Welcome back Wes!

Hi @wes! Nice screenshots! Wes showed me how to use Force Correlate with Mav Hs back in @BeachAV8R’s GRADEX mission for the A-10C.

Do check out the Erl Sis mission on Hollo Pointe - lots of a/c in a Blue COOP with combined arms.

Hey @wes, why not ? :wink: … when it was good enough for P38 fighter …


Nice screenshots Wes. :slight_smile:


I didn’t realize the P-38 had a yoke!
Well, I get the Yoke back out when the Lightning makes it to DCS: WWII!

Some nice shots from inside the cockpit of Planes of Fame’s P-38 during their annual airshow in 2015.



Wish one was planned, that’d be an instant buy for me.

It was time for some more Hornet training in the A-2-A segment, to prepare for the HMD + Aim9-X combo that hopefully makes it to the stable build next week.

Back on Hollo Pointe in Erl Sis, I planned to practice some basic A2A combat in the F/A-18C, but the results were rather dismal as I repeatedly failed to get the radar to do anything close to locking a target. I soon realized that I had not mapped the TDC-Depress function on my HOTAS’ stick, but rather had it on the throttle.

In fact, I had assigned it to depressing the slew controller on the HOTAS Warthog’s throttle!

To speed things up I went to a single player mission I made with air-start Hornets so I could skip the startup and get right to flying into a furball of MiG15’s - for such an old airframe, those swept wings make them highly maneuverable!

I knocked a few out at range, but up close I could really use the high-off-boresight feature of the Aim-9X and HMD targeting!

I survived the fray long enough to finally get to safely make a bittersweet escape - 80lbs of fuel on the gauges and no airbases for miles. Full of holes - at least it’ll be a bit lighter to load on a flatbed!

My training mission also includes some allied flights, to let me see how the AI fares. Many MiG’s were downed, but one stubborn AI didn’t like the word “eject”:

Swiss Cheese wasn’t an OEM design feature, but you could be excused for thinking it was some strange kind of camouflage. With so many holes, there was nothing left undamaged.

The damage wasn’t limited to one axis either.

A few moments after this picture was snapped, the pilot finally ejected and the aircraft broke to pieces.

That’s all for today’s installment - more flying to come - starting NOW!
Continuing all weekend, as best I can!

If you happen by Hollo Pointe, pop-in and let’s fly!


For today’s early installment, before some flight time on Hollo Pointe - HMD practice!
(Note: I am a DCS: Steam user - but I have found that you can switch to Open Beta fortunately!)

If you are wondering - do I need this in my life? The answer is YES!!

Back in my MiG Furball practice mission…

Scratch one MiG!

Make that two!

And three!

AIM-9X peels away after an Mi8-TV2.

Nothing is free - splash one on behalf of the MiG’s.

Second sortie off to a hot start with an AIM-7M.

Attracting too much attention, at least 5 MiG’s on my 6, thirsty for blood.

The HMD shows up as soon as you are off the view center more or less - using my RWR, I aimed for an allied flight at full burner.

This was the situation - my marker is white.

The cavalry had arrived - let the turkey shoot begin!

I earned a few more kills before having to return to base. More mission time tonight, with some more artistic snaps again hopefully. I have also taken the time to work with the AGM-65E on the Hornet, with a AI JTAC guiding the MAV’s in - which I have used previously with my own laser on the Harrier.


Time for a little update!

Lots of time in the Hornet lately…

Time for a Selfie!

A literal version of Splash One!

It has been good to fly with @WreckingCrew again!

I think I will title this one…King of the City

Partners @WreckingCrew and @Dark_Star work on flying formation.


For Remembrance Day, I decided to take a bit of a history DCS flight and take a Spitfire up over Normandy.
Flight runs in our family history for the war period. On my father’s side, my grandfather was a Navigator for Lancaster bombers and was a participant in the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP). I don’t know much more than that, but I will have to do more research as he had passed away in the early 2000’s.

On my mother’s side, my grandfather was just old enough to be trained to fight in the Wehrmacht, with the war ending before that was completed. Part of his training included flying gliders, and aircraft maintenance.

Crossing the channel - odd to think that I enjoy the peace of doing this from my own home, halfway across the globe.

Made the trip! Learning to trim an airplane is a new experience when you are used to auto-pilot, and the Sptifire doesn’t feature aileron trim - so there is still a workout.

I even managed to safely land, after a scenic flight. Out of gas, time for another selfie!

I spent more time in the Spitfire for the rest of the day, taking a crack at having auto-rudder off, which resulted in many crashes while I adjusted to the torque, the right rate to put on throttle and elevator and the tailwheel’s lack of lock. I did get some more flying in as well.

Very glad there is nothing to see but farmland below.

Flying along the coast.

Having respawned, this failed takeoff did manage to pick up my previous pilot on the wing.

The Normandy map features trees that actually burn down when you crash - or at least defoliate.


My next flights were back in Erl Sis with the Harrier. It has been alot of fun to learn all the air-to-ground systems and have a fast attack aircraft to work with.

I decided to attempt a runway strike using Mk-82 Snakeye bombs, flying low under the AAA umbrella, at 300-400ft.

Before I could conduct my strike, I was being chased by an SU-27, and had to take evasive action through some hills. The view was quite nice, even with the winter snow covering everything.

Down low was the only place to hide.

This honestly makes me impatient for snow, as I’d like to be out snowboarding! We’re still hovering above freezing during the days here.

I did manage to turn the table and drop the SU-27 with one of my AIM-9s. Back on task, I hit up that runway I planned on earlier.

The results were very good for CCIP and manual release, one at a time.


There has been quite a bit going on with @WreckingCrew’s new Navex Persian Gulf mission. It’s been a pleasure to fly and help test out the various triggers. I’d sent screenshots to Steve when I encountered a bug and with today’s latest revision, they seem to be all taken care of! This mission is a very good exercise for the F/A-18C, for radar, A2A engagement, navigation, and basic radios - the recent additions have included more ground targets. Seats in the Harrier and Warthog are also available - just always carry some AIM-9s!

@Dark_Star takes off.

A MiG-29 successfully defends his airfield from an attack from me.

With the now working Interval feature in the Harrier, a full payload of twelve Mk-82 Snakeyes’s makes for an easy runway strike at low leve over Bandar Lengeh.

I was so happy with the result, I repeated it at Qeshm. You can see the bombs hitting the runway in these shots.

Success at Qeshm.

I developed a quick formula for runway strikes using this payload of twelves Snakeyes:

  1. Get the Runway Length and round it to the nearest thousand feet.
  2. Subtract 1000 feet (covers the start and end areas).
  3. Divide by twelve.
  4. Divide by 10 for the interval number.
    The first drop can be triggered between the aimpoint and touchdown zone on the runway markings.

Example - one of these runways was ~7500 feet. I chose to round down, so with the subtraction we’ll call it 6,000ft. Divide by twelve for 500ft, then by 10 for a interval setting of 50 (the unit says Interval x 10 on it, so this works out). I other settings were CCIP, T IN, Qty 12, Multi 1.

My first attempt I forgot the divide by ten, programmed 400 and wondered why only two bombs dropped…

Made it back home, although had been attacked by Red in my absence.

And from today’s testing - the last few for this installment in my story.

The Hornet is very much flyable when missing a stabilator. The fuel leak however, doomed this plane.

Preparing for takeoff with @WreckingCrew

We flew together to Waypoint 2, and then Crew broke away.

Waypoint #3, the Palm Jumeirah.


Nice write up! Having a lot of fun in the Hornet.

It’s time for another update!
Things have been going well in the Hornet, Harrier and Hog. Learning more systems and how to use them all together. Sometimes, there’s even good results!

Thanks again to @WreckingCrew for the missions. Hollo Pointe has been down for maintenance and a move, so I have been filling in with my spare PC. A little I3-4160 with 16GB of RAM and an old GTX670TI. Hollo Pointe will be up an running within the next couple days, but in the mean time you can find Steve’s missions on my server “Hollo Pointe - Failover Server”. <-Should be easy to find!

On to the shots!

An observatory, found while flying Kill Transports.

A less then ideal day - but this Harrier on a Carrier has a mission to do: Riders on the Storm.

While not always useful due to limited gain, the Harrier FLIR can be helpful when the NVG is too much.

A successful day at the office!

Re-learning how to text in the A-10C to @Dark_Star, the TO: field is OwnID-GroupID, entered without the dash on the UFC.

A little fireworks show, playing with the illumination flares in the 'Hog. Now if only I could make them work in the Harrier…

Ready for our next sortie - @Dark_Star and I.

Up next is my attempt at some real artistic shots, playing with the camera FOV in F2 and F3 cameras. @WreckingCrew this is what I was referring to this evening.

Kitchen Sinkin’ in Erl Sis.

Lean, mean, ordinance machine!

Destiny awaits those that cross the horizon.

New Beta, time to test the AGM-65F and GBU-16’s!

Entering the AO in Navex PG.

We’ve all been waiting for it…everybody, the HARM.

Ground cew perspective?

Break right.


The Hollo Pointe server -


New Year Installment #1 - Woo!

Christmas Day presents for the RDR in NAVEX: PG.

This hit caused a strange effect. I was able to fly for another few minutes, then the pilot blacked out during straight and level flight at 5,000ft and didn’t recover. A few minutes after that I “died” according to DCS. The plane flew until it eventually began a slow descent into the ground, crashing a few miles from home base. Oxygen system was on. Does the Hornet have a pilot bleed-out model?!

After being repeatedly engaging and then being engaged by RDR fighters, I touched down just in time for the tanks to run dry. This bird would have had to be towed to the shop for fuel system repair.

Safely back at base in Back of the Hand.

This run of the mission had an excellent co-operative strike between Steve and myself. He did an initial attack on the one end of the tunnel with his A10-C, and I followed in with a Hornet laden with 2x GBU-10 and 4x GBU-16 Paveway II’s. With his lightened aircraft, Steve climbed to roughly 30,000ft and lazed the targets for me. I conducted my runs at roughly 24,000ft. We coordinated my passes over the target to match up with his time with line of sight in the TGP without incident. My aimpoint for AUTO mode bombing was set using the Waypoint Weapon Designate mode to get a rough target, Steve’s laser did the rest. One of my favorite DCS multiplayer experiences for sure!

@WreckingCrew do you have any screenshots from our co-operative attack on the Roki tunnel?

Even the RDR enjoy a road trip!

Beautiful fall colors, up in the mountains.

RDR Tanks like to cross the center line - not that you’d object, right?