What are you reading [2021]

Can’t say these fit in the Essential Book thread so this thread is for what is on your lap or laptop now.
Just finished reading “Baa Baa Black Sheep” again after something like twenty/twenty-five years.

In my opinion you should read this book before you read any other book about Boyington. This is a reprint of a book that was written in 1958 about his experiences, before, during, and even after the war. I am not saying his accounts are 100% accurate but imo reading this book first will allow you to take into account his perspective of the events without solely relying on the contemporary author’s biases, negative or positive.



I recently read Harry Harrison’s 1961 Science Fiction novel “The Stainless Steel Rat”.
Fun read.

I also finished the 7th book of “The Expanse” by James S.A. Corey a few days ago.
First half was a bit meh but the second half was pretty good IMO.

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I’m currently on my Nth reading of Frank Herbert’s Dune.


At the moment: Gunship Ace: The Wars of Neall Ellis, Helicopter Pilot and Mercenary by Al J. Venter

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Same here, actually just finishing up Dune Messiah and will proceed on to Children of Dune.

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After reading three other books about the air war during the Falklands conflict, all from the Royal Navy point of view, it’s interesting to get insight from an RAF squadron leader, especially with regards to how ground attack missions were communicated, assigned, and prosecuted.

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Second reading here, but same.

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I ADORE the Stainless Steel Rat books, Harrison wrote a bunch of them and they are all a delight.


IIRC I’ve seen mixed reviews for all except the first so I wondered whether I should read them.

I’ll probably give the second one a try and see where it leads.

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