What Joystick Do You Use?

While pondering what to do with my 3rd Thrustmaster hotas that’s crapped out on me, it got me wondering whats your preferred brand/ stick?

Personally I’ve had the Thrustmaster Hotas X for the last few years but holy crap are they fragile.

Only had the Logitech 3d and my current x-55. Loving the rhino.

heh, although i’ve owned more than my share of of sticks, I actually usually wind up using my Hotas X the most. Hadn’t had an issue with mine fortunately. I really did like the X-55 but just didn’t have the space on my desk for it.

Warthog, and the darn thing still feels indestructible all these years later.


Yep. I do love my Warthog…and it feels as stout as the day I bought it. In second place was my trusty Saitek X45 - I still have that in a storage bin somewhere. It served me very well over the years.

Have you had any BSOD issues with it? When I switch profiles it occasionally throws a hissy fit.

Other than the drivers/software the x-55 is a nice bit of kit.

^this! It’s a fantastic piece on kit.

Nope. Worst I had was it not playing nice with team speak. Had to update some drivers and mess with ts settings and it seems fine now.

But it was. Causing me to reboot. After unplugging it if team speak was open when I exited the app

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Hotas Warthog. Would only trade it in if they made an F-18 version.


I have been a CH products guy since '98. I love the very light tension on the stick.


@Toppometer I only had those on Win10. Eventually Win10 crapped out so badly on me that I am now back on Win7.

I also have an X-55

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Same here. I have been very happy with it.

I haven’t- only had issues with the function calls hanging occasionally when I launch a script, and I think that’s actually a USB port issue with my case.

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Logitech G940.

It’s a good HOTAS with some serious weak points (built quality of the Throttle internal cabling; questionable firmware for all but the stick’s two main axis’ which should reduce jitter but instead lead to input signal jumps when you reverse direction; crap pedals)

I really like the precise stick. Unfortunately the FFB has a small force dead zone and it seems to me that most developers don’t bother with implementing proper FFB effects.

Still on my trusty saitek x52 which is one of the original batches before it went to the pro version.

Its got some play, stiction from the worn plastic plates and one rotary that has a massive spike. But for the age of it, i really can’t complain. Definitely bang for buck and still accurate enough for me.

Looking to upgrade to x65 but waiting on more reviews. Build quality doesn’t seem up to scratch from preliminary reviews. So i may go warthog as my next hotas. Definitely want a new one for f18

I wonder if it is possible that TM might just make an F-18 stick that screws on to our existing TM Warthog base? That’d be kind of cool…


Thrustmaster Warthog (x2). And a pair of MFCDs. My stick is mounted up on the desk - if you could mount it lower then consider an extension, I hear only good things about it for better control.

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Warthog, had it for almost five years now and it keeps running strong.

Was in a group testing some new aviation tests a couple years ago using saitek sticks and throttles, they felt far too light by comparison.

I’m hoping TM will do a Hornet HOTAS, especially since I’m fairly certain the F-15 shares the same stick so it could be used and marketed for both.

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CH products since 07 I think. Thats the same stick and throttle. Never had an issue. I think they cost about $100 each. I use satiek ruddle pedals.

I’ve got a TM Warthog HOTAS but there are key buttons starting to die (pinky switch on stick, mic switch on throttle) and the options to repair it are extremely expensive. That said, I’ve had it since it came out - it’s a great stick and I’d still recommend it to anyone.

I have an X-52 Pro sitting on the shelf that I have very fond memories of. I love the toggle switches on the base of the stick and the MFD is nice if you have it programmed. Very ergo stick, comfortable to hold and use for long periods of time. Made a great setup for the F-16 in Falcon 4 and the Black Shark in DCS, I found it a little lacking for the A-10C, which is why I went with the Warthog, but still a great stick.

The Logitech 3D Pro gets underrepresented, IMHO. Not only is it cheap (currently $32 USD at Amazon.com), but it’s pretty functional – twist stick, 8-way hat switch, throttle slider, oodles of buttons, great profile software, solid build – makes a great intro stick, but it’s a great budget stick for games that don’t need a lot of HOTAS buttons, like RoF, IL2, CLoD, etc. I used to fly Falcon 4 with it – the amazing profiler software let me do a lot more than I ever would have thought possible.

If I were to buy a new stick, it’d probably be the X-56 - I like the look of the Rhino and the X-56 adds some new inputs.