What planes are available for this NOW? IL2 Bodenplatte


Just bought this add-on, I know it’s a preview, but what from this DLC is available now? I see it listed on my main menu but see nothing available in game… really wanted to test some of the mentioned American planes.



OK, that link was suppose to be to the product page of Battle of Bodenplatte, but defaulted to the main game… oh well. lol


Currently P-47 and Spitfire Mk IX and some german things.


Thx, not seeing them thou… will research.


huh… thats odd… have you tried the quick mission thingie?


Yes, they aren’t in the career or campaigns, possibly not even any single missions, but you should be able to pick them in the quick mission generator. Also, when picking those planes in the “flyable” group just the ones you have purchased will show, but in the AI groups you can pick any plane currently released to fly against or alongside. For example, I don’t have the Ju-52 so I don’t see it in the fly list but it’s in the AI lists.

Another clue is the main menu. In the upper right you will see gold plaques for every title you have. You should see Boden in that list with whatever else you have. I have everything but Tank Crew, so my list is pretty long. :slight_smile:

The 109K-14, 190A-8, P-47, and Spit IX are the 4 currently in game I believe.


Bodden was the first il2 “module” I purchased. You can’t do any campaigns or missions yet. Your best bet to fly those aircraft is the instant action and online. The majority of online servers do not include the bodden planes yet as they are later in the war variants. I ended up buying Battle of Stalingrad for $16 and have enjoyed the campaign and online play.

Well worth $16, and boddenplatte will no doubt be awesome when it is released.


The “about” page lists what is available in each “Battle of” module.