What we are driving (2021)

2020 Volvo XC40, T5 R-Design

I got this the day before I took my tumble and couldn’t drive for 2 months…so technically it is still brand new…to me.


This is Astrid.

Picked her up in late July, after the fiasco with my previous wagon was (somewhat) resolved (but not really). But that’s for another thread for me to rant about the significant decline in USAA’s customer service. Ironically enough, the same friend of mine who sold me my A4 sold me this one.

2016 BMW 328xi. Still looking for footing kits for my Whispbar crossbars, if anybody knows anybody.


That is one sweet ride! I wish more manufacturers offered good looking station wagons instead of this whole SUV craze.


The ol’

And the slightly less old CB750, though I don’t have a lovely picture handy right now.


and I wish we were getting more of the good wagons on this side of the pond. I’d LOVE an old Alpina or RS Avant, but we haven’t gotten fun wagons here in a long, long time. I am hoping to someday start swapping in some M Sport components, but I know that’s an expensive road to start down.

And a window tint. She definitely needs that too. I have a guy, but he’s booked through the end of the month.

And holy crap, do I miss my bike. Someday, baby.

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Picked this up in 2019. It’s a Accord yeah, but at least it has the 2.0 liter turbo and the six speed manual.


Still rolling around in my 2013 Subaru Crosstrek. I need a bit larger vehicle though with the kids and all our toys…


Ooh, are the manuals as much fun as they used to be??? Both my Accords, my Prelude, my S2000, and my TSX were all the manuals. The first four were great, the TSX was a little floopy on the 1-2 shift (cable linkage vs. mechanical).

I wish I could say that it’s a snick snick type gear shift like the Civic SI, but alas that is not the case. Honestly though the biggest issue I have with it is rev hang. Kinda takes away the fun of quick shifting. That at the pedal placement is not exactly great for heel/toe’ing. (At least for my feet anyway.)

With the above said, I still prefer to drive it over an automatic as it keeps me engaged in the driving experience.

My station wagon is not fun at all. Not my Flex in the picture of course, I’m usually trying to make sure mine stays out of any pictures I take.


I drive one of these:

Of course mine has the steering wheel on the proper side, unlike this Google image search result.


Incorrect buddy. Incorrect :grinning::grinning:

Wheel on the left means drive on the right, having the right of way. Gear shift with the right hand. Roundabouts go counter-clockwise. Right turns at red lights if the way is clear and it’s permitted.

The more you think about it, the more right it is!




Good car for longer escapades out of town with the family. 220 BHP engine makes it fun to drive for its size and weight.

As a bonus my first car I owned (got it from my older bro) after getting driving license.

not the exact car but the same model :wink:


Yeah there are certainly a lot of people who get SUVs because they are SUVs. For me it is more functional. I tend to load up the back (rear seats down) with a lot of stuff, especially with bulky items like sails. Station wagons just don’t do that as well. I’ve driven a Volvo station wagon, and it was nice, but just not as much as their SUVs (my wife has an XC90), IMHO.

I wouldn’t call them “fun”. The Volvo manuals are on line and available in the car’s dash display. They certainly cover all the details and it is nice to be able to use the search function, but I still prefer the paper/hard copy manuals that used to come with the car.

…this is what you were talking about, isn’t it. :open_mouth:


My two…


It interesting that with every single mini in existence it will of at one stage been in individual parts. Carried and delivered by my lorries to the factory.


…and assembled by Keebler elves…

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