What we hearing? - Mudspike plays


Can’t say that i do… but I’m always open to new bands!


…and this led to The Kooks. Love this song, even without the video.


Oh man, the kooks, can’t say I like all their work but they made some damn good hits that you still hear on the radio every now and then!

That made me think of this song!



have you heard the latest?


I’m still annoyed they’re bypassing the Carolinas:


I have not! Haven’t really kept up with their work, that was their only hit on this side of the ocean :wink:

This song is doing the round here:


That’s a fun one.

I’m a fan of Ed Sheeran when he’s not getting all sappy or hurt feelings.


I am always an Ed Sheeran fan! Doesn’t matter what song!

But yea, the latest album is going to be hit filled again :slight_smile:


Sorry, reading about the game Hellion here immediately reminded me of this…


…so I had to listen to it. :slight_smile:


(a bit of nsfw language at the end)




One syllable out-of-sync guy … kinda reminds me of a vid I saw recently of a kid that can speak backwards. Pretty incredible! :slight_smile:

This Dominic Fragman fella got my toe tapping today … I mean, who doesn’t like “Tom Sawyer”?!





Oh boy Andrew … it’s like watching two fancy bass players on speed. :grin:


LAWL! Amazing…


I have a weird love for certain hip hop and rap music but not for the genre as a whole(whereas I have that with blues for example)


Hahaha that was fantastic


It’s an alt-J morning here.

And I still don’t know why I’m so addicted to “Every Other Freckle” (I really want to do that song at karaoke).


Long way from home again, and my rig, so I’m doing my alternate pastime of finding remakes of old songs, or different songs with the same name. Some examples…

Same song,



Same name,



And we all know the Van Halen one, too. Lol! When I first heard Deborah Harry’s rendition all those years ago, my first impression was it was an aerobics instruction song.

@Linebacker I really dig the Rush cover one man band, best I’ve seen!