What we hearing? - Mudspike plays


Or even, what happened to some bands that stayed around long enough to go through some serious transformations of style and genre…






I just discovered System of a Down…


Were… I think they disbanded…
But Serji Tankian (the singer) and the drummer were absolutely the absolute best.


Nope, they’re definitely still together. Took a break for a few years in the mid 2000’s to all do side projects, then went back on tour in 2010-2011. Word is they’re putting out a new album later this year.

If you ever get the chance to see them, they put on a spectacular stage show.

For my money, their self - titled debut and Mesmerize are probably my favorite albums of theirs.


Oh damn, well I should be able to find them at one of the EU festivals. Which is like 3 months of festivals in a area the same size of Texas for US comparison :wink:



And now for something completely different :slight_smile:


I’m listening to this at the moment.


LOL, that reminded me of this…


One more. I’m dying over here.


@chipwich, these are awesome!

@Aginor, you ok over there? If that’s how you’re feeling, may I suggest:




There is a whole manner of wrong with Marilyn manson


Yeah I’m fine.
Sometimes I am just in a dark mood, and some manic-depressive music is in order.
That song you posted is one of my favourites by them.


Ever ever the video for his cover of Tainted Love? I won’t post it here because it’s fairly NSFW, but I’d argue there’s a whole manner of right with that too…


Anybody ever heard of Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine?


I love Post Modern Jukebox! So many fun, alternative versions of popular songs. The sort of thing I like now 'a days, actually. Here’s an example of my “logbook catching up and filling in” background music :grinning:


@TheAlmightySnark SOAD, they bring back memories of a load of other stuff that was going on at the time. With me, all of it is associated to a time of great transition and insecurity. Funny how music stores memories, a bit like C++ pointers to arrays, LOL!

@Aginor I went through college at the Nirvana’s height, and never heard that one. But I get you. Gloomy mood music has the opposite effect for me, I end up ROFL at some of the picturesque expressions, and totally cheered up if I was a bit sombre. Mission accomplished.


@Cygon_Parrot, this is wonderful! Definitely right up my alley. Have you listened to any of the more Electronica-inspired artists such as Caro Emerald or Dimie Car?

A good friend of mine does burlesque - this would be perfect for some of her routines.


This is so much win, i almost fell out of my chair when i heard this:

Disclaimer: If you’re a nazi about your Debussy, i won’t be responsible about what happens to you when you hear this. :slight_smile: