What we hearing? - Mudspike plays


No, I haven’t heard them before. They are great! Thanks!


@sobek, that’s sublime.

I clearly need to go steal my alto back from my sister.

While we’re mixing styles, I’ll add some Gotan Project. This song is a huge reason why I’ll start learning ballroom dance this year.


Because @Navynuke99 hasn’t posted it yet…


I figured your crush, your video. :slight_smile:

Mourning our winter and ski season that wasn’t:


Having a Hawkwind evening tonight…


Loved the eponimous book, loved the song.


Heh, a true… ROCK band. :slight_smile:


Talking of which, on a related subject, I never did read enough of Michael Moorcock :grinning: . Influenced at least one more band, as far as I know…

Love those sort of neo-musical box thingies, they are a laugh. You must know Compressorhead, too? :laughing:

In the meantime, here are a pair of clones playing some Metallica. Pick your preference. <ahem!> I do mean between the robot band or the clone band, not between the twins themselves, LOL!


And I mean the Robot Band and the clone band… I’d never imply the twins :smiley:
EDIT: Blue Oyster Cult frakkin’ Rulez. THere’s so MUCH good music around…



How can anyone not love Pearl Jam? Thanks @TheAlmightySnark, I needed that. :slight_smile:


Happy St. Patrick’s Day


(Potato sound quality is part of the experience)


I’ll see your Flannigan’s ball, and raise you a Lannigan’s ball. Finding quality video is hard.


That is a fine selection of themed music!




Well done near_blind. Great song.



Seasons In the Sun (a Canadian classic) …


Aww yeah. I did like them a lot in HS. But, my favorite band in HS?


They even did the Internet’s National Anthem: