What we hearing? - Mudspike plays


O.O I was listening to Ixnay on the Hombre today- going to work! :smiley:

My favourite…


I love this song. Maybe it’s the time and place when it was popular, plus that video…

Another favorite:

Been a huge fan of The Offspring since I heard their self - titled release in middle school.


Offspring are great.
“A million miles away” is one of my favourites.


Ixnay is definitely my favorite album of theirs. Followed very close by Smash and Americana.

I’m surprised to find more fans of Offspring here. Awesome!


Been a huge fan of the Offspring since I first heard their song in a Robby Naish windsurfing video - the video (called RIP) has an awesome array of fantastic music on it…it is worth watching (or listening) to the whole thing… Fugazi, Soundgarden…just a great soundtrack that gets me pumped whenever I hear it. The first opening scene of the movie is just amazing…

Link to Offspring part:


@BeachAV8R, that’s my favorite track from Smash.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be over here looking for engineering jobs in Hawaii and San Diego, and listening to Iration, Slightly Stoopid, and Pepper.



Oooooh someone knows Fugazi???!!! Awesome!
They have some really great songs, my favourite being “Cashout”.


Yeah…of course…Waiting Room (their biggest hit?) is on that video…and is awesome… Jibes well (ah…see what I did there?) with the wipeout portion of the video…


Dang…all this music making me want to get my boards out and head to the beach…


Right now I can’t link it, but Lonely Island made some absolutely amazing NSFW songs!


That’s note a FAA regulated flight! :wink:


TIL she’s back on the market (I really enjoyed the stuff she did as half of The Wreckers):


While working some tedious Database entry and control I listened to some nice music “from my days”.

(I really love the drum intro on this one)


That’s a great playlist!


How I feel about this week that will not ■■■■■■■ end.


“Just don’t try to sing those stupid lyrics Geddy … that’s all I’m asking!”.

– Linebacker - post Grace Under Pressure (1984)

I still love all of RUSH’s post 1984 instrumentals though …


Probably a bit too poppy for this refined and sophisticated crowd…but I do find myself humming along with this song on the way too and from work…



Have you heard/ seen this?


Chanced upon this while gathering data for the FSX Antarctic South Pole flight, LOL!

He sounds rather desperately frantic, like he’s lost control of his situation. Won’t be wanting him in the right seat! :grinning: