What we hearing? - Mudspike plays


Talking of which, I’m reminded of another…

Which also leads me to remember another song about ships that should go down well with WWII naval sim fans! My dad had the record, LOL!


Excited that the new album comes out next month.


I’ve been hearing Dave Chappelle on Netflix lately. I’m halfway through his second set in Texas and laughing A LOT! :grin:



I think it’s because I’m getting super old that that stuff kinda brings a tear to my eye! I saw Gordon Lightfoot at Massey Hall when I was about 16 or 17 (what an excellent venue). Later I traveled around Lake Superior and from what I saw, it just hammered the nail into the coffin so to speak. The Indian pictographs on the rocks surrounding the lake are beautiful and all but that lake can be a friggin’ BIOTCH!


My situation today, almost exactly. Except I really said quite some things I will probably regret tomorrow… Dammit. Not the best move having two kids.


@Linebacker: Great comment! Loved it.


Two of my favorite artists in one song:


Just me rambling Cygon … I think my sadness for Gord Downie is breaking through here …


My new theme song for a couple of games…


NO, I WILL NOT cloud my mind with that super groovy tune that I want to dance to!

I will however aggressively relish the thought of an extra pair of chromosomes!




Holy Crap @komemiute, talk about hitting the rewind button?

Anybody remember the time Puff Daddy tried to put together his own Destiny’s Child?


:smile: Yeah, I was in a “blue” sorta mood and went through my “blue mood” playlist. I don’t have the heart to post the others…


Oh man, Danny Carey (TOOL) sitting in with a school band (Burbank Music Academy) … gotta love that guy! :grin:

Excellent performance from the kids too! They are learning the TOOL!

(Danny Carey is currently my favorite drummer of all time)


Seems tonight I was listening to bands or songs that start with the letter M :stuck_out_tongue:

Peter Schilling - Major Tom

MGMT - Time to Pretend

MARRS - Pump Up the Volume

M83 - Midnight City (2x bonus for band and song starting with an M)


In honor of today being Rex Manning Day :


Been on a major Austin kick all month.


Probably my favourite Pink Floyd song: