What we hearing? - Mudspike plays


Just found this, gonna be my chill jams for a good while


Nice! Seems to be lacking a bit of a bass though.


I followed that around and there are several other chiilhop channels on there, I have them all saved for variety


Been listening to that one as well :+1:


To each his own I guess. I’m having none of that plus the audio quality sucks. Maybe because I’m old, my go to chillaxing channels on my Stingray music service are Lunar Lounge and Smooth Jazz.




Paul Turner FTW, love that guy’s playing.


Wow, didn’t know so many liked his music!
I aboslutely learned to love its work with time…
My body simply starts moving when hearing his stuff! :smiley:


Today has been about Marilyn Manson. Just started listening to The Pale Emperor on a whim.


If I had a dime for each time I binge-listened Antichrist Superstar I could afford a new car.


Today’s sidetrack to the past

The Dead Milkmen - Punk Rock Girl

Social D - Story of my life

Bad Religion - Sorrow

Jeez how appropriate is 21st Century Digital Boy now



So much goodness in that soundtrack. Fond memories…


There was a song with Bagdad in the title from "Heavy Metal Queen " episode…

Not that I watched it too many times…
sips coffee from a Corgi shaped mug


Come to think about it, it’s incredible how much original music they crammed into just a 24 episode anime. It’s almost wasteful.


Incidentally also what I’m going to hear while flying at 500 feet and Knots in my A-6 in DCS bombing Straight of Hormuz.



Wow, PFunk, I’m just trying to drown that drivel with some other Bonham work …


I can’t even- I’m in stitches…