What we watching? – Mudspike at the movies


Watched it on the plane, great scene in the stairway.


A little late to the party but Green Zone is good … here’s a clip …


I haven’t watched it yet but I’m going to…LMFAO! Being from Wisconsin, for me this is a must see.


Oh man…that looks awesome. That scenery looks plucked straight out of North Carolina. Curious where it was filmed…


Yeah, that does look pretty good. Could be Georgia too.


Just watched it … pretty good and wholesome movie … EXCEPT FOR (and this is not really a spoiler) the part where Don shows the kid Jaden pictures he took of his girlfriend having a gang bang with a bunch of dudes. Pretty graphic and I really don’t know why that scene is in there, but if you’re watching this movie with your kid and don’t want any 'splainin’ to do, maybe skip the part where Jaden and Don are in the tent at night and Jaden starts by telling Don how he doesn’t like the new Camaro.


Apparently, Asheville and Weaverville. Good eye! I think I saw Table Rock in at least one of the background shots, and I’m thinking some of that is around Chimney Rock, though they’d have a terrible time getting up there the last year or so.

I don’t know if you’ve seen The Foot-Fist Way, but I rather love these little love stories to NC he produces.


I’ve been watching The Office (US) on Netflix in sequence this time! The first two seasons were great but the third season just explodes out of the gate in HILARITY!!! :smiley:

Dwight’s nervous salesman of the year acceptance speech in S03EP02 … BLOOD ALONE MOVES THE WHEELS OF HISTORY!!! …

S03EP03 … love ALL the Call of Duty references (reminds me of my own office LAN days) …


looking forward to this … and its nice to see a Saitek X55 being used :grin:


No, I didn’t scan every post above but…

Man, Netflix is killing it. Highly recommend two Netflix movies, Extinction, will blow your mind, a Stephen Hawking warning come true. (give it 10 minutes, almost stopped watching at first, lol) And, How it Ends, a survival, kill or be killed story. How it will probably be, don’t trust anyone, even us cops when the poop hits the fan, lol. Both entertain and make you think… it could happen.


I watched how it ends the other day. Found it pretty meh. Whitaker is interesting to look at tho, even if the plot and role he’s in isn’t. You should see the guy in the king of scotland. That was a bleepin’ epic bit of acting that.
I will give extinction a shot next, but I don’t find the netflix originals much to my taste these days.


Ya, kinda agree about how it ends… what I liked about it is that I pretty much think that will be how it is, every person for themselves, not going to be able to trust anyone, even those you think you should.

as for extinction, the acting was sub-par and effects, but the surprise plot blew me away even the the story is a little far.


Forest was the best part of the movie IMO but not sure I could recommend on a whole due to the plot feeling like it got it lost. I still don’t know “How it Ends”… :joy:


“Point of No Return” was on couple days ago. Quite good. Watch it if you get a chance.
Think Nikita.


SPOILER ALERT … Mission Impossible Fallout HALO scene … INCREDIBLE! …


Rewatching Hot Fuzz. What a fantastic movie that is!


I love those guys that do that movie plus the other series of movies they do. Always a good laugh.


Crusty Jugglers!


Big Bushy Beard!


Just finished watching Sicario.

Bloody. Heck.

Loved it.
Cruel, direct but not gratuitous.

Has anyone seen the sequel Soldado?