What were those minimums again?

That’s, um, unnerving to say the least.

Good for flight sims though, here’s how it looks in FSX…


My brother was teaching me IFR from his flying experience but I’m a VFR guy. I like to see where I’m going. This summer I do intend to get serious and learn/practice realistic procedures on my sims.

As for the video, WOW!!! Definitely one of those times you have to trust your instruments and systems.


That’s a beautiful thing. Looked like an autoland since that chirp you hear toward the end is the autopilot disengage and it is clearly after the landing. Our minimums are 200 and 1/2 mile - so we would have probably never even started that approach if the RVR was reported less than 1800 or so… But 200 and 1800 is pretty dang low…