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WD-40, a hammer and a dowel of sorts should help sort that out. Otherwise the good ol’ heat treatment usually gets em too.

Not saying that you should lite up the whole thing but you know… it’s an option… right?


Yeah thought of that too, but i couldn’t get the shaft seal out either (i literally broke a screwdriver on the damn thing) and heating that up would have been messy. I was literally minutes away from throwing that darned thing on the trash.

In the end, some silicone spray and liberal amounts of ye good olde brute force (sparks and all) got the job done. I have the tub reassembled and the drum runs silky smooth now, before you could feel that a bearing was going bad when you turned the drum. I’ll give it a whirl tomorrow and see if all the seals are tight again. Wouldn’t surprise me if that darned thing sprang a leak after I’ve put everything back together.

As bad as the rest of the machine is for serviceability (you can’t get the front panel off, at all), the bearings are surprisingly accessible, you just have to wedge the backplate past the small panels on either side one side at a time, then drum will come right out.

Yeah but I’m a sucker for hating to throw away a machine in perfectly working condition that just needs spares for 20 bucks. That sort of thing irks the tree-hugging idealist inside me.


I get that but I always have to ask my self… how much in time and labor have I put in lol


If the bearings hold another 20 years, i call 1 day of work a steal.


Got a second hand mainstand for my motorcycle, last paint layer on it and got a new spring. Easy installation too, although it does reside in the maintenance checklist due to dirt, water and grime cummilating on it/in it.


Checking in once again with @guod and our other Texas Gulf Coast friends…how’s things going? It looks really bad with the flooding…


We definitely got lucky here in the Austin area. Some of the photos from Houston are pretty scary.


Almost desensitized to tornado alerts. :slight_smile:

No standing water on our street or in our yard. Soaked, and could easily grow rice, but no flooding so far.

Here’s a nifty visual.


Red diamonds mean road closed.


Nuke … I had to make an album cover out of that … I couldn’t resist. :slight_smile:


Back from my little two day cycling tour, 384km total. First day 183km, second day was cut short by ~70km because we would have been too late for the train home, still clocked in 201km in just under 8h moving time. Amazing experience nonetheless. 20-30min of climbing are worth the 5min of bombing down the road at 50-70km/h :smile:

Some impressions:
First day was mostly flat for 140km before we got to the mountains

Second day started hilly. 100km of climbing and descending before we got to the Mosel

Edit: Here is an Album: http://m.imgur.com/gallery/0dE1A


Nice! That is quite the ride!


Here we go…tomorrow into Houston to start moving people.


At our fuel stop in GTR…we are bringing two planes, 8 flight nurses (hybrid adult care/NICU), and 8 pilots. I picked the night jet slot so I start missions 24 hours from now at 0100 local…

And no…I didn’t iron my shirt…shrug…there was too much else to do…lol…


I saw that the Houston airport was fully flooded. What is your destination airport?

EDIT: Nvm, it’s a fake picture.


Good luck to you and your teams BeachAV8R. It sure is a mess there.



That’s really fantastic Chris. Mudspike pilot to the rescue!


Best of luck Chris. I hope it all goes well. You and your colleagues are doing great work that makes a difference when people need it most.


Can’t really show pics of it but according to the General (ret.) that’s now an instructor I’m officially more of an asset than an hindrance in the back seat of the Tornado.
Yay! I guess…

I really like all the buttons and switches and dials and vacuum tubes :stuck_out_tongue: .