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Did the pilot operate the wrong lever or is it suffering from technical difficulties?


It’s an international distress signal that the squadron has run out of beer.


I think it’s cool that it makes the aircraft look more like a hornet.


I would like to know why all the squadron markings have been removed…?


A bit of photoshopping to maintain some sort of anonymity.



Oh might as well :stuck_out_tongue:


Man those DCS screenshots are so realistic. :wink:


Must be the RAZBAM Mud Hen.


What do you do when you’ve been through several different hurricane deployments and sat through half a dozen more at the beach…and see a huge storm making a beeline for you? You go shopping…

Where I live (west of Charlotte)…the stories of Hugo are pretty impressive (9 days without power)… I live in a very wooded area…the power goes out regularly with normal storms.


What’s your water situation like? Are you on a spring or municipal?


I’m squared away on water…

Besides that, we do have a well…and we are on septic, so we can flush toilets with pool water. I’m mostly just worried about four oak trees that are in positions that could hit the house. I’m thinking about rigging my 30,000 lb “bull rope” around their mid points and pre tensioning them to guide their fall away from the house if they come down.

I think a lot of people have forgotten how devastating Hugo was with regards to downed trees and issues like that.


Charlotte - area arborists have been flooded with calls the last few days because of exactly this.

My neighbors across the street had spent three years restoring a '69 XJ12, only to have Hugo drop a 300 year old oak on it a few days after they finished.

They’ve already headed to Boone for the next week.


Testing the 120v output on the generator with an essential hurricane item…

Ops check good.


Have to be prepared for the essential Hurricane Margarita.


Ha. Had lunch at the Downwind today and I can tell you that the ramps are filling up with corporate iron.


I’m heading to New Bern tomorrow for the MS bike ride. Event is still on, but I’m getting very nervous for the drive home on Sunday - especially if we’re traveling the same path as evacuees.


I don’t think that anyone would think less of you for skipping this year. It looks like weather wise, you should be OK. But as you know traffic jams on a motorcycle suck big time.

I just finished talking to the guys at our brewery in Charleston, wanting to know what the plan was. We just finished brewing and kegging our first 8 styles. They’re as prepared as they can be, but think that it would be more costly to try to save the product, rather than brew more. Still, the burn on a month of production would be a huge hit.



I’d upload a decent photo but Vancouver, BC has basically been the backlot recreation of The Martian the last couple of days. We now have wildfire smoke from the South blowing up, and a high pressure holds it and keeps it still. It really sucks.

Not my image, but this gives an idea of how bad it has been, especially around dawn/sunset…