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You need some rain. Need some rain? We have rain. We’ll give you buy one get one free rain.


FEMA says to stock up on essentials from all levels of the food pyramid. Am I doing this right?


Yeah, after I posted that I did kind of think I may have been a tad insensitive, as in yelling ‘Oh, why can’t I have at least a stiff breeze and a touch of rain, woe is poor me!’ :slight_smile: :cloud_with_rain:


Yes, since Irma is bearing down on Charleston, we kegged some emergency drinking beer :slight_smile:


Wanna send some of that up I-95, since we’re in the path as well?


psst! Throw the wind in for free when he’s not looking.


I don’t know man…I think I’ll take rain and potential flooding over fire. I mean, at least there is something left after a flood…fire…that is just destroyer of worlds stuff.


This man has a great evacuation plan - let the beer come to me!


Man, if this thing keeps pushing west, the brewery may dodge a bullet. :sweat_smile: Of course @BeachAV8R, @Navynuke99, and @chipwich will be tango uniform. But, at least the beer will be safe!


and nothing of value was lost :stuck_out_tongue:

I keed, I keed


Thank you for doing this. My wife’s family has battled this disease for years and we all appreciate the help with fundraising.


Cool Irma map from Google.




You’re absolutely doing it right! Stocking up on water is a priority in emergency situations! :grin:


No idea if this is factual, but puts things in perspective. I flew into KFLL 2 weeks after Andrew and South Florida looked very much like Fallujah. Complete neighborhoods flattened, large boats sitting in the middle of roads, downed power lines and trees covering everything. Not a single structure left untouched. Zoo animals scattered, National Guard at intersections.

This morning…


I have to admit I’m being a bit of a hurricane track addict this week. For obvious reasons…but it’s also just fascinating to read about eye-wall replacement cycles, shear, wobbles, brown water effect…etc…


Man I feel bad for all the people in Irma’s path.

German weather is so incredibly tame (luckily). We sometimes (very rarely) get storms with winds up to 140ish km/h but that’s it.

Today was pretty bad by our standards:


It’s…wow…(hit the PLAY button…)



Lunch was literally across the tracks.