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Got stand next to one of those the other day as it started, love the flames it shoots!


Descending under one of the northern bands of Irma…


Quick ping to check on @guod out in the Houston area and also @Magnum50 to check their status. Been a crazy few weeks…


So, I’m not complaining. On the contrary, very thankful when I see the pictures of the BVI, Havana, Key West, and Naples. But we are beginning to feel the power of this once mighty storm.

It’s been raining steadily since early morning, maybe 2AM. The wind has likewise picked up and the power went out a couple of hours ago. Fortunately, chippy has minimalist backup power courtesy of Yamaha. Well, enough to keep juice flowing to the refrigerator and the freezer.

But the team over at the brewery in KCHS is having a bit more of a challenge. We rented a 3 bedroom duplex for commuters, and this arrived a few minutes ago. From my brother Fraser, “I swear that I just saw a fish. Heading back inside to grab a rod.”

Again, the beer gods have smiled upon us and the brewery remains high and dry in North Charleston. I bet about now that downtown Charleston is a mess. Probably Sullivan’s and the other islands too.

Maybe we are seeing the worst of it. The beer is cold regardless.


Yeah…looks like that last heavy band of rain is about to push north of CHS…of course, there is a bit more firing up behind it…but it doesn’t look as significant. Hopefully all the rain dumping inland doesn’t send too much water flowing the other way - a surge vs. river flood sandwich.


Looks like we (Charlotte) are in for a long period of rain. Would rather send it @fearlessfrog’s way!


Watching the webcams from the College of Charleston, it looks like the beating is just beginning.

Stay safe, everybody.


Stay safe y’all!


We got just enough to make the sky go blue again, so that’s enough already. :slight_smile:


I just moved my car from the driveway to next to the house on the lawn side…the trees are really moving out there now. Light have flickered a few times…but so far we have power.


Gonna go ahead and get a jump on the emergency and break into the “emergency hydration supply”…


So the chipwich sandwiches are safe! Please keep the Chipwich family safe as well…



Similar situation in Toronto today … just gorgeous … is this too soon? I feel guilty now. :slight_smile:


Are you ambushing a posse? :cowboy_hat_face:


In a way. We scared this “little” guy.



I, on the other hand, :wink: immediately thought of this …



Dang…that looks a lot like the “Dells” in Prescott, AZ…


After I took that T.O. pic on my way to CYTZ I found this beautiful bird …

Flight Aware it for yourself (but please don’t post the tail number). Sad isn’t it? … sitting there for over three months?

Should aircraft under utilization be a crime? I think it should be. :frowning: :wink: What do we need like $1.5 million to adopt this puppy? :dog:


What you did there. I seen it.