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Wow … Burke Lakefront has been a favorite short hop from Toronto in my sim world ever since I did some work for Cuyahoga County many years back. Thanks for the memories Beach. :slight_smile:


Not sure how this will come out, but a picture didn’t really do it justice and I couldn’t be bothered with the whole youtube thing. Anyway, here’s the backstory:

There’s a stream up behind the house. During the Autumn it fills up a bit and every couple of years or so gets thick with salmon that come back to breed/die. The dog got owned by the zombies. It would explain all the bears I guess…


Dang…that’s really cool…


I miss streams


He now won’t swim, with a sort of Jaws panic setting in, so at least he’s leaving them alone to do their thing.

Also, it really really stinks of dead fish around here, so there’s that. :slight_smile: :fish:


There’s nothing like circling over a lake in the dark… :crazy_face:


Yeah…I’ve landed at Burke Lakefront probably 30 times over the years…and this is only my second time landing on 6L. The first time was a visual approach over the city on a right base which was gorgeous…but the circle to land last night was really pretty cool. I can see how dangerous it could be though… I think the Detla 757 that picked up the Yankees last night actually considered diverting to CLE due to the tailwind ILS circle to 6L. You can see where they puzzled it over for a bit before going ahead and doing it:



What a beautiful October Day!


That’s an excellent pull cart. How many cases of beer does that hold? :thinking:


Baaaahstan :slight_smile:


Coming in from across the pond or departing? I rarely see Boston in the daylight. LOL… Was there on Tuesday as a matter of fact. I was last seen grumbling about being put on the ROBUC3 (27) late in the game and having to scramble to catch up (I know, I know…how can it be possible to have to scramble in a M.72 aircraft? I don’t know…it happens…)


This was just a domestic flight. A short hop from Texas.

I certainly sympathize. Some of these arrivals can be a handful if ATC keeps you high and then throws “Descend via the xxx arrival” at you. Even worse is if they try to throw in a speed restriction while you are doing your best to drop like a rock. LOL


Usually 2 kids :wink: They are very popular with parents to bring kids to school, it’s easier then putting one on the steering wheel and one on the backseat.

Then again, bike seats have changed since I was small, you can just strap in these little bastards now! :stuck_out_tongue:


Since my brother in law does in fact use it to haul beer crates I can actually answer that question.
You can put one regular crate (12 bottles, 6l) in the back and still fit one or two six packs. If you take the kids out it’s good for 3-4 crates.
You really need some easy gears though. Not fun if you’re facing a climb and the lowest gear is 34x28 or even 36x28. My brother in law has a Rohloff speedhub with ridiculously low gearing. Something like 1.5m of development in the first gear (with the 11-32T cassette I currently have 2.3m development in the lowest gear). On a steep climb you can’t even start in this gear without falling over the back of the bike. With this, a normally fit person can pull the Croozer with two kids in it up a 7%-8% incline without any problems.



ROFLMAO! You made me think of Ted.



Mt. Mitchell State Park?


That’s it…! We left Kings Mountain at 5AM, got to the park and did about 8 miles of hiking. It was cold and windy at the top…with clouds racing over the peak. Hiked along the spine, dropped down to Maple Camp Bald for lunch, then took the Buncombe Horse trail back around in a big loop. A beautiful fall day in the mountains. We didn’t see a single person for the first five hours of hiking, then we saw about 200 in the last hour. LOL…


Apologies for the duplicate post. Must have sneezed during the original.

We took the kids on our second Micky cruise, this time 7 days in the Western Caribbean, with ports of call at Cozumel, George Town Grand Cayman, Falmouth Jamaica, and Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay. Knowing that we would be on a boat for a week, I primed myself for the experience by a repeat listening of Hornfischer’s epic narrative of the battle of Leyte Gulf, The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors.

With roughly equal displacement to the largest battleship class ever produced (IJN Yamato), but 276 ft longer, the Disney Fantasy would be our ride for 7 days and nights on the Caribbean sea. And while she lacked the unequalled firepower of the Yamato’s 18" main guns, the Fantasy was equipped sufficient sources of adult beverages to quell the attacks of the most needy offspring. Born at the Meyer Werft GmbH & Co. KG shipyard of Papenburg, Germany, the Fantasy is a magnificent piece of hardware.


Castaway Cay

Sailing from Port Canaveral, gave me pause to observe, albeit at the extreme limits of my iPhone’s digital zoom, a historical assembly building and associated launch pad, second embarkation cocktail be damned.

Knowing that hurricane Nate’s path would bisect our planned route, we were anticipating an experience akin to rounding Cape Hope. But even averaging 21 kts, our ship would would pass well behind the storm, leaving us time to reflect above calmer seas. Thus, with kids dropped off at the Oceaneer’s Lab, mom sacked out for a well deserved nap, with libation in hand, dad was left feeling a bit like a master, if not so much the commander.

Have to appreciate a wife whom shows up to the lifeboat drill without her vest, but with mugs in hand ready to be refilled. The crew was appropriately unamused. “Here love. Trade you my vest for those refillables.”

Landing in George Town was a pleasant surprise. We very much enjoyed our day there.

Among one of the very cool things that we decided to do while at port, was to take the kids on a “semi-submarine” tour of Hog Sty Bay. Below lie beautiful reefs and several wrecks, this one a 380 ft. freighter lost to a fire.

WIll upload a few more photos if they look interesting.


May have been involved with this :smiley:
Hopefully everybody can watch