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How do you resist no just randomly mashing buttons and seeing what they do?!


Did you guys stick around for Scarowinds, or just go for the day?


We only went for the day - I had to go on duty at 7PM, and we weren’t sure if Kai (7 yrs. old) was quite ready for Scarowinds… Maybe next year…


Some storms (or maybe a tornado) ran across Hickory airport this afternoon. This was the airport where I met Nick and his photographer from Leatherneck when they were visiting the F-14 there. No reports on whether any of the warbirds were damaged…


Holy cow. What a mess.


Well bugger, that is not good :frowning:


David Attenborough Voice

“And here we see what happens when the young planes party really, really hard…”


Wilkes County also got it really, really hard yesterday too. I haven’t heard of any fatalities (thank Buddha), but there’s a lot of trees down and damage.

Warbird museum at the airport appears to be undamaged, and I’ve seen pictures of the Vampire that’s stored outside on the very edge of the damage zone from that destroyed hangar.


Yeah - to my surprise, they canceled school here in Cleveland County today - I guess due to some flooding, lots of downed trees, and power outages. Cleveland County runs a good bit north and west of my location…so that isn’t surprising since that corridor seemed to get the brunt of the tornado-ish type activity. Glad to hear the museum didn’t get hit…those planes are all just sitting out on the ramp - it could have been really ugly.


Awww…little buddy…we’ve all been there…


I know I post this every year, but this is one of my favorite fall activities …getting the wood split and stacked…


But is the sad look because Pokemon go can’t be used or is it because of dads face realising the cost of replacement?


Well…he threw it apparently (at least he fessed up to that…) because he was mad at some AI in a soccer game taunting him or something (LOL). My wife and I agree that he gets his temper from her. :rofl: That said, I think he will have to write a very compelling letter to Santa if he wants a replacement.


Awww, that is kinda adorable! I suppose he is a terrible liar?!


He tried for about two seconds…something about the iPad being on the corner of the bed and falling off. After examining it…it was readily apparent that it hadn’t merely fallen. So a “just tell me what happened” and he broke. LOL…he won’t be a great criminal.


Hey Beach, I saw this pic a couple weeks back … just an idea. :grin:


It must be 3AM…because I’m in Laurinburg…