Where You Are Photos


Was this blaring when the doors opened?


Haha…now I’ll be singing that all day. KLF is my son’s initials too…LOL…I need to get him to make a music video.

Walking around Laurinburg-Maxton at 3AM is cool though. That last pic is from the interior main landing gear wheel well for a 727. It was so cool walking around that old beast (used to be a Northwest plane). Sad too though…to wonder where all in the world that plane flew and now it is just being slowly dismantled. They have a couple L-1011s there too, and apparently the 747 that was there was actually dismantled and the entire forward portion was given to the Smithsonian:



OMG, the front fell off!




I was hoping someone would get the reference ;).


LOL…now I remember that video…that was funny…and funny reference @PaulRix


Mmmm…Winter Operations training. Fitting that I had to break out using the wood stove last night…




My son keeps being characters that try to kill their sons or fathers… Hmmmm…


Taxiing out at Van Nuys today I took a quick photo of the CL415’s and Skyhook firefighters that seem to be permanently based on the ramp up by the 16L threshold. If I was 10 years younger and single I think I would enjoy flying the 415.


Yeah…those CL415s are really nifty and look like the type of unusual flying that would really keep one interested.


-Edit, not sure if the images are working correctly?


Nice afternoon ride.


Food truck rodeo on campus today.


High humidity at KAUS this morning.


Couple of pics of my station

This one was circa 1890

This one is yesterday


Anyone at the FS Weekend tomorrow in The Netherlands, Aviodrome? I’m there all weekend so let me know if you want to meet up!


Was there today, but couldn’t find a parking spot. Eventually I returned home.
I presume the Ferrari F40 parked at the EV charging spot was yours? :wink:


I mean, where would you park your F40?! Does mean you drove past my BMW too though! :wink: