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Christmas Walk in the woods


That’s gorgeous.


Red Rider? Sure looks like it. When my dad was in Nam, my mom bought me and my 3 brothers the 500 shot follow up to the Red Rider. We used to have massive BB gun wars with the kids in the neighborhood, which is probably what paintball morfed into. The usual protection was a baseball hat, ski goggles, and a bandana. It just hurt a lot more and they were a lot more accurate. Dad found out about it when brother #2 shot brother #3 in the forehead during a fort assault. He was really PO’d and when he got home, and locked them up for 1 year.


My first photos here, its nice white christmas here. All pics from my house :slight_smile:

-25 degrees celsius , easy to make ice things


Yep…Red Rider…! This came about because my son had come home from school one day and said they had been given a flyer for the Scouts and he wanted to join. I was both a Cub Scout and Boy Scout…and loved the organization, but to be honest, we already do sooooo many outdoors activities on our own, my wife and I didn’t want to get obligated into many weekends of Scout activities when we have so many places we want to take Kai and his cousin on our own. There are certainly other reasons to join the Scouts, but the one Kai lasered in on was the brochure where it showed the Scouts shooting BB guns. :smiley: He said he wanted to join specifically because of that…all of our other hiking, biking, camping, and outdoors stuff be damned! So I cut him a deal that I’d eventually buy him a BB gun if he’d just continue going on our outdoors adventures. I think he had actually forgotten about it (it wasn’t on his Christmas list to Santa), so his eyes lit up like a…well…Christmas tree when he unwrapped that package.

As a testament to how fun the BB gun has been this afternoon, he said it is way more fun than his Switch (Nintendo), which is pretty high praise indeed. Anything we can do to keep them outside and not with their noses buried in electronics…


Out chrismas tree :slight_smile: real , not plastic


I like the real trees too. Every year, I saw the bottom off our tree trunk and make an ornament with the year burned into the wood. Kinda neat to have those old trees follow us from year to year…


My wife passed away this year. She was English and the Christmas dinner tradition was to have popovers and fun with crackers after the meal.

My youngest daughter carried on the tradition by making popovers. They came out great!

And after dinner with the crackers and way too much Christmas cheer…it was a good day.


Glad you had family around you this Christmas Piper.

Those Popovers look suspiciously like Yorkshire Puddings! And yes, they look great!


Thanks Paul. She used to put the same batter in a flat pan and call that Yorkshire pudding.
Although confused, both vary good.


Who’d of thought that there was a whole Wikipedia page on Yorkshire Pudding?

So, my take from reading that is that it doesn’t matter what shape you cook it in. It tastes good regardless!

They are pretty good with sugar and lemon juice too. :slight_smile: .


The harbour in Duisburg-Meiderich this evening


At our usual dive with the siblings and significant others, and this plate is exactly the same style we had when I was growing up.


Austria Christmas skiing trip, early morning.


What a stunning view!


I spy Bruchharsch. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



You can indeed, though with my limited German didn’t know there was a word for this until now. :slightly_smiling_face:


If we don’t have a word for something we’ll just make one up. That’s how we roll :metal::sunglasses: