Where You Are Photos


I look cold.


I feel like the packaging of my new tires is a bit over the top :rofl:


Good tires though, I like the continental ones!


They are really good tires. They can take quite a beating but are still reasonably fast and last a long time for this kind of tire. I get about 7000km-9000km out of the rear tire, a bit more on the front.


Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! It’s 1°F out there.

The view from my hotel room:




Yes indeed. Stunning scenery here, but holy cow it’s cold. :cold_face:


I recognized it from my X-Plane flying…haha…


Agreed, Conti GPs are great.


Funny you should say that. I knew exactly where we were at about 30 nm out because of X-Plane.


24 hours ago…

At exactly the place where I landed and parked the B-25 on the Christmas Voyage. :smiley:


You goin into space IRL too ? XD


At a gala opening at East Carolina with Dr. Girlfriend.


Stylish hat, man!


The dress code is “fabulous,” so…


Mission: accomplished.


Snow at my parents house in No. VA…


It looks almost as cold there as up here in Anchorage. I’ll be somewhere warmer in the morning though…


I figured you were going up there for a crew rest / trip pickup / crew swap or something… Lucky dawg wherever you are going. I figure South Pacific-ish…


Theres a lot of snow in the east mid west right now lol we were supposed to get about an inch tonight, seem’s like we have at least 2-3 and its still snowing.