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Not Maui.


That’s a pretty faithful looking dog.


[quote=“Cib, post:1789, topic:1282, full:true”]Stopped for a quick dog walk en route to pick up step son from rail station

I’m detecting a bit of wolf in your dog Cib(?). :slight_smile:


Day 3 … rations of my inlaw’s first home-brew, an EXCELLENT (but strong 6.7%) honey vanilla lager are running low …

… no choice but to exfil … luckily we had access to a boat …

… living conditions were deplorable …

… the … horror …

… the … horror …


Man…you are gonna need a vacation from your vacation…


The 787 FD is starting to grow on me, the HUD in particular is a neat feature!


Did you make vroom vroom sounds as you sat there? Ya’ gotta make vroom vroom sounds…(and “pew-pew-pew” sounds as you hit the TCS button on the yoke…)


I totally am! They were dragging around 737’s and i pretended to be a tie-fighter!


There actually is a bit of wolf in my dog. Husky in all visual respects, except rather much bigger and an odd snout for the breed. Nice enough most of the time, but we all have to be very careful of him, in certain situations, and there are some traits that cannot be trained out of him, particularly regarding food. We have all had a nasty bite (attack, actually) or two from him, very suddenly and unexpectedly.

I didn’t look for the mix deliberately; the owners of his father confessed to it later. Imported from Canada to Spain, then brought to Ecuador. I thought I was getting a straight forward, happy go lucky Husky, like my previous ones. He was strange as from a puppy, though. Apparently a 1/16 mix, but it is still enough.

I don’t actually advise getting a dog with any “recent” portion of wolf, at all.


Those eyes!!!


At home, trying something new:

Wanted a new animated avatar for Discord, alas it turns out you need to shell over 50 dollars for an animated avatar… ouch.

So yeah, it was atleast fun to make!


It’s pretty incredible how separate the domesticated dog is from its closest wild relative, isn’t it?

Problem is “Oh he’s part wolf!” is very in-vogue (Game of Thrones I guess? Not the author’s fault, just how trends go) and sells well.

That said it’s easy to see the appeal, that’s a very handsome canine :slight_smile:


My dog is a ■■■■■ named Pixie, she is a bearded collie (The working kind) and a coursing greyhound. They make excellent hunting dogs for rabbits and hares
She is my 2nd lurcher the first was named Tarn and I got her in 1992 and I got both dogs from this chap who is well known in the UK lurcher scene


Indeed, and even at that dilution ratio, it is noticeable, it seems, to other dogs. They somewhat oddly don’t like him in the least, out for a walk on the lead. And the feeling is mutual.

Certainly wasn’t my incentive, I can say for sure. Nor was “Eight Below”, or any other movie that had Huskies in it. I got my first Husky quite by chance, after my Collie departed, as I thought I’d try another breed and a guy was selling these rather adorable “angry” looking pups. All the buzz about them came some time after that, it would seem to me.

I was impressed by their (normally) wonderful, hardy character and friendliness. They can be a bit playfully “rebellious”, but not usually kid-gloves, potentially dangerous and mistrustful for no good apparent reason, like this fellow.

Thanks! That, along with the fact that we’ve grown used to him and his penchant for making some of the behavior rules around the home, is what has saved him from being banished. There are some patterns to his “unpredictability” that you learn to see the signs of, and thus make him “predictable”. Still, it is an extreme effort and a study in the “psychology of the wild” you should not really have to make for a pet.

His father is the same, as is his brother who someone else has and I know of, through my interrogation.

That’s a great picture @Cib !


[quote=“Cib, post:1802, topic:1282, full:true”] She is my 2nd lurcher

Wow Cib … you don’t see many dogs like that here in North America …

… at least I don’t here in Canada. Must be a UK thing … never heard of the term “lurcher”. Very striking dog you’ve got there! (I’ve always been interested in Greyhounds although I’ve never owned one)


I currently have a 14 year old Alsatian/Retriever cross - she has bad hip displaysia and arthritis now, poor girl - but she still puts every dog we come across in their place! Silly female dog (b- word not allowed), doesn’t realise if they take her on, she’s in trouble.
Her companion was an Alsatian/Lurcher - brindle in colour - and a fantastic hunter/retiever dog. The hares had no chance with him.

This will be our last dog, though - I struggle to walk them now. Good job the one we have needs shorter walks (and still collapses on most of them).

They were both rescue dogs, but the lurcher cross had to go back because he got worse as the other one got better (with training) - MrS Brix had a real struggle to hold him, so he went to a family with a big farm.


Still Not Maui.


You look younger than I imagined.




Obviously training to be a ground handler.