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New cassette, ready for the Mountains

Sunrise :partly_sunny:


Sunrise on my station (from my crap phone camera)


Dang! I worshipped those bikes, lol!

I’ll cheer you up quoting one of my engineering instructors, in his late 60’s then (quarter century ago, now);

“You young fellows today have no long term ambitions. I want to be shot at 100 years old running away with another man’s wife. Not killed, mind you. Just shot.”


Great photo and love the CB. Would like to have a new one. Classic Honda inline 4 is wonderfully smooth and fun to ride.


I suppose it depends a little on location, but a Honda CB 750(post 2000), a CB 1(some sort of hybrid CBR600F1/4 and a Tour bike), or a CB 450/550 can be had for relatively cheap. Perhaps a wheel change and some basic maintenance but other then that, about 1500 euro’s for a damn decent bike!


Would love nothing more. If I didn’t have a bunch of RL responsibilities, then that would be an option. But I need my toys to be more or less plug and play, or have deep pockets to have the carbs cleaned every year. So It’s EFI for me please.

Not that I couldn’t do it and wouldn’t enjoy a restoration project. Some of the cafe conversions of 70’s and 80’s CBs are incredible. Or keep it stock. Those 70’s designs are amazing.


Carb cleaning isn’t the end of the world though, right? Grab a cleaning kit from the myriad of part websites and the haynes manual and off you go :wink:


I’ve done it many times. A piece of wire and carb cleaner to clean the jets works well. It’s getting to the to middle carbs that takes time. None of this is difficult. Just having the time do it. I should be ashamed of myself for mentioning it. I just know as soon as I get the bike on the stand, either one of the kids and the Mrs. will need something :smile:


Would the Mrs not find you extremely attractive looking all fast and flashy on a motorcycle going up and down the street? And surely the kids would want the rides too, all the time?! :wink:

Besides, teach them how to clean the carbs and they’ll do it for free :crazy_face:


Just a shout out to @guod - keep your head down there in Houston brother. Looks like a wicked storm wobbles your way. Surprised they didn’t send us to move patients actually…


Very good points TAS. I did bribe them to clean my Husky one day :smile:


Indeed, it’s going to be a rough one. I feel like I’m dodging a bullet living in Austin. I’m sure we will get plenty of rain, but nothing like what they are predicting for South of Houston.


Thanks. We’re all set here. Far enough away from the ocean to not be concerned about wind. The subdivision hasn’t flooded in 35 years so hopefully it’ll be 36 years. :slight_smile:

Folks over in the NASA area of the southeast and Galveston… well hopefully they’re already outbound.

If someone wants to see what happens when people don’t move out, check the 2008 hurricane Ike photos of the Boliver Peninsula. Several of those who stayed behind were swept out to sea. Gruesome.

The single biggest concern is rain just parking over an area and not moving past. I got caught in the 1976 Texas Medical Center flood and it made for some good stories.


Yikes. Stay safe!


Looks like a tight rotation there…pretty ugly if you are near that eyewall…



It’s currently clear in Dallas. Here’s hoping for those poor guys on the coast.


@wxbot @near_blind TAF raw report: KCRP 252322Z 2600/2624 36040G65KT 4SM RA VCTS OVC020CB FM260300 36055G75KT 3SM RA VCTS OVC020CB FM260900 32040G60KT 1SM RA VCTS OVC020CB FM261200 20045G60KT 1SM RA VCTS OVC020CB FM261800 28030G45KT 4SM RA VCTS OVC020CB AMD NOT SKED.


What was is thinking? The thought of having to put that heap of unmaintainable crap back together is killing me right now.


Set it on fire, double the satisfaction, half the mess!


Don’t tempt me, the inner race isn’t coming out. At least now i know that it wasn’t me not noticing that the dampers were shot. Found some water between the bearings and discoloration of the shaft under the inner race, so the shaft seal is clearly leaking.