Where'd our airplanes go?


*slipping a bunch of Monopoly fake money to @fearlessfrog and mouthing “Intruder” *


Ok, well in a computer based task first for sure, that took longer than expected! Fixed. :slight_smile:

Our icons are now SVG based, making things better longer term for super high resolutions.

@komemiute I have three of the four Railway station monopoly cards, so I’ll cut you a deal with that Get out of Jail Free card I see you hiding there. (Alas, I looked a lot and I can’t see anything more A6’y than we have. I too support the Intruderization of that graphic)


Uhmmm you drive the hard bargain…
Let me check how many mortgages I have and I’ll be back at you…

But really I’ll see if I can “flash out” a decent SVG A6…


While we’re on this topic, can I point out that the list of ‘likes’ received under the user icon at the top right of the screen are also still hearts.


You probably ought to do an f111 for when @bogusheadbox is being really well behaved lol.


It’s a little viper silhouette, isn’t it?


So… Never? :stuck_out_tongue:


It could be an incentive scheme lol. Mention the pig 10 times get 1 week of the icon. 10 photos gets 1 month.


They’re back! Yay




He’s right…in fact I think they have always been hearts. :grin:


I am completely missing where to find what is being described. Gonna need a screenshot to see it.



Does this help?


I didn’t realize I needed to click on my icon and open that list.
I agree with Hangar200, As far as I know those have always been hearts.