Which DCS Helo Is Best For Helo Noobs?

As the title states, I am looking to start flying my DCS Helos. I own all three but have only successfully flown one. And that was a fluke because I cant get it to fly again! I have read, or at least thought I read, that the MI8 was the easiest to pilot. Just looking for input to see which one would be the best to start learning.

I’d recommend the Huey first. It’s tough to learn to fly, but once you do get the hang of it, you’ll learn what a helo feels like - dissymmetry of lift, settling with power, torque, etc. These basic helo physics are present in all the other copters, to varying extents, and it helps to have an intuitive feeling of them when flying the other helos.

After that, it’s a matter of your personal preference:

The Mi-8 is a beast of a transport helo and holds a massive amount of firepower as well, but is really only decent against soft or low-threat targets. The doppler nav is fun, and I like doing transport (embarking, slingloading, etc.) missions with it.

The Ka-50, on the other hand, is a great gunship - challenging but fun to fly against harder threats, ridge popping, rocket attacks, etc. It’s also a great multiplayer platform: coordinating attacks with other players, using the data link, etc.

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Actually - I’d say that the Ka-50 is probably the easiest to fly - but very deep as far as systems go. I’m a fairly experienced “sim” helo pilot…and I find the UH-1H requires a LOT of attention - wheras the Ka-50, with that coax rotor system, doesn’t suffer from so much twitchy anti-torque requirement. If you approach it from a “I’ll just learn to FLY it first” standpoint - I’d go with the Ka-50. That said, if you start on the UH-1H - you’ll be in good shape to fly either the Ka-50 or Mi-8 later because their flight characteristics are pretty docile compared to the Ka-50 (IMHO).

  • Cue third person to come in and say “Hands down…go with the Mi-8…” LOL…


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LOL Beach! Well I would agree go with Ka-50. It has many automated systems and stability control avionics plus you got that double rotor blade(s) which gives you very much more stability when flying. All three are loads of fun IMHO.

Clearly - we need a Robinson R22 or Hughes 300 module!

Not DCS…but the R22 for X-Plane is on sale for $11.95…


I agree with everything that’s been said above. Which is “best” for a noob? That’s really a tough one.

I’ll add a disclaimer in that I haven’t flown the Mi-8 but I have the UH-1 and Ka-50.

The Huey will challenge you and frustrate the hell out of you as far as basic flying. You will likely die transitioning from forward flight to hover/landing. A lot. However, if you can master it you’ll have no issue flying any other helo DCS has to offer currently.

The Blackshark is arguably easier to fly but tougher to fight. Flying the Blackshark is kinda like flying gen IV/V fighters; you’re almost more of a weapons operator than a pilot. A lot of the workload is taken off the pilot in terms of flying but the weapon systems are much more complex.

To be clear, they are both extremely enjoyable aircraft to fly, even for a predominately fixed-wing guy such as myself. Maybe do some quick action missions first and see which you have more fun flying initially and then pick that one to really learn first.