White Rim Utah 201804

Road trip at Utah’s Island In The Sky
White Rim photos from our trip in April 2018. A ~90 mile road trip from Saturday-Wednesday around Utah’s Island In The Sky. There were 8 bicycle riders and 5 drivers. We started on the eastern side along the Colorado River, and came back along the Green River. It was quite the ride in back country.

White Rim Road


I-70 west from Vail Pass in Colorado -

Turn off, north of Moab Utah, the bikes -

Needles -

Airport Campground at sundown -

Airport Camp Morning -

The Rim -

View from Murphy’s Hogback -

Murphy’s Hogback Looking West -

Murphy’s Campground -

The Green River -

The Green River, we are going upstream -

The river is flowing fast and there is no bank.

Green River -

On the way upriver and out -

Green River -

Like -

Brothers -

Looking for the road -

The view from the top at the end with the Green River below -

Fun Trip -

This is the end / the top at Hardscrabble -

This is the top ^^^

The area is restricted to high clearance 4x4s and sport bikes. Camping is by reservation. We had great weather - not much wind and rain one night.


Pretty amazing. :open_mouth:

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