Who Knew? the “Memphis Belle” Had an iPhone

Simply stunning restoration. But I couldn’t help but notice…

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Given the cable, I think it’s a regular phone?

Ok well first, that’s the wrong shape for a classic Ma Belle phone. Second, and you really have to go on a little ride with me here, that “cord” you observe is the string being undone on the front of her dress. She has definite plans once the phone call with her mother is done.

“Just wait, you rascal! Oh, and mother says ‘hello’.”


Yeah, they did an awesome job and that is exactly how it should look. They had a really interesting series of videos running that documented the restoration. This is probably my favorite but they are all worth checking out:

Here is the full playlist: Importance of B17F Memphis Belle - YouTube

I really wish I had gone to the unveiling now. When I lived out west, I would drive 400 miles to volunteer at a restoration for a few days at the drop of a hat. Now that I am in the east, anything more than an hour or two away might as well be in China. Weird how that happens…


The only piece of porn, that I am allowed… :wink:


First place my mind went:

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