Who wants to get muddy?

Being released at the end of this month.

It includes all the old maps as well as new and a host of more cars.

I got my copy! just may need some winch buddies. (P.C. and ikky consoles :yum: )

50% off for those that already own spintires


The blue trucks are quivering already :slight_smile:


You get an extra 50% off the price quoted by @fearlessfrog if you own spintires.


That actually looks pretty cool! plus four player co-op and mod support?! I’m in. :+1: (plus it looks like a good opportunity for us to take our shirts off :grinning: )

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Ill be getting this for my Xbox one.(PC is dead currently). Hopefully it has plenty of blue trucks.

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What’s the difference, other than new vehicles and terrain, comes with this version? VR support? :smiley:

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Starting from the top, AFAIK

OOVEE the publisher for original spintires had a falling out with dev. OOVEE have been kicked to the wind. So hopefully game development will continue.

More maps, more cars, new sandbox map (whatever that entails) challenge game modes.

More physics simulations. E.g. fuel in tanks now have fluidic movement changing balance.

Unconfirmed but from dev stream says they are also looking to improve various aspects that the general public commented on. I.e. better camera angles, a solution to users who use steering wheels with respect to view (maybe a cockpit view) but they said they were looking into these.

Biggest thing is that mudrunner is open to consoles now.

Think of it as more of a 1.5 update. That is why you get at the moment 55% off if you have the original. That means with the dodgy publisher gone and hopefully with the new ones on board, the game can continue to improve and grow.

My personal opinion is that for the extra content, thats not a bad price. Especially as its wide open to modding so the usual variety of maps and vehicles.


Little blue truck needs help from big brother


Me Me Me Me Me!
Mud Moving!

As Bogus has a thing for piggy’s we should name a truck “The Pig” :grin:


Crossover vehicle :wink:



Less then a week for all them blue trucks to hide!

Quite a lot of videos out.

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Two guys who don’t have a clue playing multiplayer. A little funny, some occasional swear words. They should realise they have winches :wink:

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“It’s a race now”

“I got a big claw on my thing, it’s not fair”

I’m gunna have to think of a CB handle while I search for my G27. :slight_smile:

I might just play with my xbox controller.

edit: hmm… I can get it 20% off at greenmangaming

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anyone else getting this? This is the kind of thing I would likely only play in coop, not solo

Still considering whether I should buy it… I haven’t played Spintires that much…

Already bought it. Spintires was challenging and fun. Great in Co-op (when you get a good group that doesn’t drop out)

If you have spin tires, play it some more to guage it.

I have it on preorder
Also been playing around with some mods.
Think the LR defender is nuts :slight_smile:
Up for some coop :slight_smile: