Who wants to get muddy?

I didn’t want to muddy up @weaponz248’s great AAR with this so I thought I’d post it here …

So I’m coming into this Spintires thing fresh … never played it.

I loaded up MudRunner tonight and wasn’t too happy with the control configuration/interface … just atrocious. It’s like a physicist designed it or something. :grin: I spent some time wrestling with it and got it working reasonably well. Luckily there aren’t very many controls to set up and once you have them set up well, they translate into some really fun gameplay! :+1:

I’m no stranger to manual transmissions so I decided to use the 6 speed H-shifter gearbox plus the clutch pedal (the only advanced transmission option for the G27).

First MudSpike MudRunner Challenge!!!

Beat my “The Rig” (first MR challenge) time of 7 minutes! …


Ya, I grinded the tranny a bit. :grin:

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wtf come play multiplayer.

I’m online on ts @Linebacker

You’re quite rude. I have some Insurgency testing to do. :slight_smile: Are you stalking me?

I got 11 minutes. I suck at backing up without a wheel. The camera angles are like wtf. Can’t see what I’m doing like ever.

But I mean I already had respect for dudes driving big trucks like this from ETS and ATS. Doing it in mud is just silly lol.

I lost that one bonus because I accidentally pressed the joystick in while turning and it popped the camera out. Super lame.

Just this lame Rig challenge is pretty fun though right? Can’t wait to go mudding. :+1:

come nowwww

Impress me and trim 4 minutes off your time. :grin:

it doesn’t even measures seconds, trollbacker

Boom, just edited it to mikes … please PM me from here on out Rhinostalker.

Interesting! :+1: I should be able to do it in 5 mikes …

Just finished multiplayer and completing “the Island” with @DeadMeat. Worked well but some foibles that are different to the original spintires.

Unlocking cars. It seems that whomever unlocks it first gets it. The other person can’t use it. We could not find a hand off ability. So choose your vehicles wisely and let the other people get some.

Multiplayer loading logs (if on hardcore and/or using crane). One player can load logs for another player with a crane. But each log must be “handed off”. E.g. Crane operator spawns and lifts log to 2nd player. 2nd player clicks on log and crane operator accepts the hand off.

There is some physics funk going on and you may have to wiggle logs through cables if loading someone else. Also its best to hand off each log at a time instead of loading all 3 logs and handing them off.

The biggest problem was the ownership of vehicles above. I really hope there is a way to hand them off.

Anyway still lots of fun.

Bogus, when you say car, you mean truck right? Speaking of trucks like they’re cars doesn’t go over well in North America. :slight_smile:

I can totally understand where you’re coming from though … the “upsidedown world” where behemoth monstrosities are truly called trucks.

Don’t forget, we have the “ute” too !

As in youth? :grin::wink:

Hey @Bogusheadbox … how does multiplayer work anyway? @Rhinosaurus hosted a server last night and I joined no problem but then I couldn’t use my control setup. Also, all the trucks had his name on them. Am I there just to operate his equipment at that point? :grinning:

BTW, I hosted my own multiplayer server just to make sure my single player controls carry over to multiplayer and they did.

The vehicles are somewhat of a mystery to me. We too had the same issue where whoever unlocks those vehicles “owns” those vehicles.

Now I know when transferring logs (I request logs and crane them to another players truck. The second player requests ownership of the logs.) Seeing as there is some sort of ownership transference in game, I was hoping you could do the same to the vehicles.

Unfortunately we couldn’t find a way to transfer vehicles (which is a bit silly in a multiplayer game) So the way we worked around it was to be very careful who unlocked what vehicle. Because the first person who unlocks it owns it.

Not ideal, maybe worth a post on their threads. I may stick one on steam boards.

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This was the initial vehicles though. We didn’t even get to unlocking. Though at one point when I was driving around it said I unlocked something for linebacker.

@DeadMeat and I had a long server session. But when we started the map (The Island) we were both given different trucks at the start. So unsure, sorry.

I have rammed a post on the steam forums, lets see what that brings back.

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